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Lust versus love. Occasionally, we tend to use the meaning of these two words interchangeably.  What is the difference? Is one better than the other? When can you use the words correctly? To answer these questions, you have to look at what both of the words mean.

Lust is a very strong sexual desire, while love is strong, positive emotions that are interpersonal. I don’t think one is better than the other because each mean two different things and people can use them at different points in their lives.


However, when using these words, you should think about how you are feeling about the other person before using the right word. Do you care about the person and feel deeply connected to them, or do you only think about the person in a sexual way? Now, I’m not saying that you can’t be in love with someone and think about them in a sexual way. You can be in love and think about your significant other in a sexual way, that just means you are attracted to them, which is a good thing. If you’re only thinking about them in a sexual way and there is no emotional connection, than you are lusting over that person.


Another thing to clarify when talking about lust versus love is if you are using the word love what’s the type love are you talking about? Are you in love with someone or do you have love for them? Do you love them like a friend, like family or do you want to be in a relationship or get married to them?


The difference between being in love and having love for someone is how you mentally feel about that person. For instance, you can be head over heels for a person and they cheat on you, multiple times and the two of you break up for good. Your feelings for that person were once so strong that you forgive them for what they did, but you might not want to be with them ever again. Your heart and your brain may not always agree with each other. However, when they align it makes everything a bit clearer to understand; especially when a person shows you who they truly are. This goes along with saying how they feel about you while proving it to you.


Hopefully you have a better understanding for when to use lust and love and how to use them.


Remember: actions speak louder than words.


Article by Amber Peralta

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