Destress Your Skin

So, today I wanted to write about some destressing tips and tricks for yourself and your skin that I love. We are now in the midst of classes and many of us have a million and one tests coming at us all at once, which could be stressful. During these times I know that my skin does not always look the best. Since this time is probably when we all are taking our first test, I figured I’d share some tips for de-stressing yourself, and your skin.

First of all, I know that school is so important, and we all want good grades, but take some time away from the books. Don’t sit all day in the library studying, and stressing yourself out. Study in increments and take breaks. During your study breaks you could hang out with your friends, watch a movie, or even do a face mask. One of my favorite things to do if I’ve been studying all day is to take a shower break. After my shower I always like to do some form of skin care. When I’ve been really stressed, here is what I like to do.

Even before I am out of the shower my skin care routine begins. I wash my face in the shower with an antibacterial soap, and exfoliate with either an apricot scrub or an exfoliating pad. Once I am out of the shower, I like to try and do a face mask once a week. I look through my face masks and decide which one to do based on my skin that day.

After my face mask is rinsed or peeled off, I like to use a toner. The toner resets the pH balance of your face, and takes off any makeup or face mask residue.

Following toner, I apply a serum. Serums are great for your skin, and there are so many different options depending on what you like or need. Finally, my last step is to apply a moisturizer. I tend to use moisturizers with SPF in them to protect my skin from the sun.

A bonus step I add in if I am about to go to sleep is applying an eye cream. All of these steps help me to relax and also benefit my skin. Next time you are overloaded with work, try some self-care.