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I don’t know if I am the only one, but as much as I admire the beautiful and colorful display that fall leaves give us, it fills me with a dread that I cannot ignore. Watching the trees change the colors of their leaves is a consuming and suffocating, unavoidable, all-around reminder that the season is also changing, and with it, time is moving.

It forces me to remember my lack of control, urges me into a sense of panic towards the fact that time feels as if its moving out of my hands. It scares me for what’s to come, and ultimately makes everything feel disproportionately much more difficult.

With this realization, also comes the hard truth that warmer days of sunlight and cheer, that I typically enjoy and bask in, are not to be back for months. It is now time for the dreary and cold.

Obviously, this time of year is not completely negative, and there will be things about the new season that make it special and good. Nonetheless, I understand how difficult it is for our bodies and minds to adjust to this change. Here are some things to remember as we approach late fall and early winter:

1. Your feelings are valid

I know that some aspects of your life, whether it be particular people, the media, or even your own self may tell you that you should be appreciative of this time. While you shouldn’t lose sight of what there is to appreciate, you also need to acknowledge the fact that how you are feeling is so real.

When I first approached my boyfriend with my yearly “Yes the leaves are pretty but..” panicky revelation, I composed it as though It was foolish of me to feel such a way because I was taking something that is so beautiful and lovely and then talking about how it made me feel negatively. One of the first things he said to me was, “All your feelings are very real and very valid and it is good to talk about them.”. This could not be more true, and I want that to translate to your lives as well. Own the way you feel. Affirm yourself that it is okay to feel that way. You are human.

2. You are unchanged

Yes, everything around you is physically changing, and maybe some aspects of your life may be changing, like your personal schedule or hobby of choice and so on, but you are untouched. You still have you! I know it is easy to feel like all the change around you is directly changing you, but it is good to remember that you are still the same you. Nothing is wrong with you, you don’t have to change anything about yourself, you are still the same beautiful you, only carrying yourself through a different circumstance.

3. You aren’t alone

There is so many support systems around you when you stop to look. For me, it’s my friends, my boyfriend, and my older sister. It could be a therapist or other counselor, a teacher, an online support group, absolutely anything. There are so many people that can help you simply talk about, or even manage your stressors during this time. Someone, somewhere, will be there for you. I know I’d be there for you.

It’s also important to note that you aren’t alone in feeling like this. So many people feel this way during this time of the year, especially once we start to get into winter. You don’t have to feel isolated by your own feelings, because you definitely aren’t the only one feeling them. I mean I am writing an entire article based around how I feel them. You aren’t alone.

4. You CAN do this

No matter how hard or pivotal things can feel right now, you 100% got this. You made it to this point, what can stop you now! Keep going. I believe in you, and I’m sure other people do as well. What is most important is that you believe in yourself! You can make it through this!

Sometimes when I am really struggling, all it takes is a look in the mirror and an “I got this” and I am suddenly flooded with a new confidence, and the courage to step outside. Try it, girl.

5. DOn’t Forget the positives

Although the season changing may be difficult, don’t forget your own personal positives that come with it. For me, I like to remember the things that I can only do during this season, like order a pumpkin spice latte, layer adorable warm clothing, have a great excuse to stay inside to read or watch movies, and so on. Whatever it may be for you, remember the positive things. It helps you stay afloat when struggling with change, since you are reminding yourself ways that the change is good. The good may not necessarily outweigh the bad for you, but at least it’s something, right?

Here’s some invented positives in response to some common negatives:

Negative Positives
It’s too cold. Cute sweaters, and other new ways to experiment with fashion! Warm blankets, fun comfy socks, cute beanies! No more shaving legs (thank you pants.) NO MORE MOSQUITOES!!!!
I miss the sunshine. No more sunburn. More excuse to stay in and relax. No more sweat!! Excuse for an earlier bed time (It’s dark outside at 8 p.m. … bed time!)
I hate when the trees die and the leaves fall off. YAY! Nature is working correctly! I’m so excited for the trees to grow new leaves in the spring. I bet all the animals are so cozy in their homes right now. Leaf piles and pretty decorated sidewalks! Time for attempt 274 of the almost impossible task that I will never quit attempting of taking a picture of my dog with a leaf on his head!
I’m bored. No more summer activities to look forward too. New fall and winter activities to come soon! ALMOST HOLIDAY SEASON!!! Yay Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, and St Patricks day back to back to back! I can find new hobbies, new music, new tv shows and movies to watch, etc.
Even if you have to really dig for something, or maybe even lie to yourself. Try and find some positive!


Overall, I know this can be a really challenging time for some, myself especially. I am a strong ‘changing of the seasons’ hater, and think I always will be. Despite this hatred, I do try and make the best of it, because that’s really all you can do sometimes. Time ticks on, and that’s scary in itself, but it’s for the best. Everything will turn out in the end. We’ll be alright.

Audney Burnside is a new writer for the St. Bonaventure Her Campus chapter. She publishes articles weekly, spanning the topics of music, lifestyle and popular culture. She hopes to further the amazing creativity that her chapter of Her Campus has to share with the world. Audney is currently a freshman at St. Bonaventure University, studying Public Health in the 3+2 Occupational Therapy Master's program. A new college student, as well as a new member of Her Campus, Audney brings her history of involvement in many programs at her high school, Le Roy Jr/Sr High School. She was the project manager of her chapter of the National Honor society, had the opportunity to write a couple of pieces for the local paper, served her community habitually as a member of her towns Rotary InterACT, and led a team in Scholastic Bowl. As well as Her Campus, Audney is a member of SBU’s honors program, SBU for Equality, and Bona Buddies. Apart from academics, Audney’s life revolves around the music she loves, outdoorsy adventures, and her best friends. Audney is a devoted cat mom and enthusiastic nature explorer, who loves kayaking with her family, takes way too much pride in her recent Taylor Swift concert attendance, and will bring up The Catcher in the Rye at any moment possible.