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Gym anxiety is more common than most of us even come to realize. As you talk with more people you come to understand it’s not just you. Many things can bring this anxiety out: crowded spaces, not understanding how to use equipment properly, lack of self-confidence, and maybe even this is all just new to you. Especially in college, I find this to be even more difficult, the people in the gym are not strangers, they are classmates.

When it comes to getting in the gym and working out, it never fails to make me feel good. Yes, my body is physically tired but by allowing myself to get up and moving, I feel good mentally. Working out is good for both physical and mental health.

Anxiety can take control of us, stopping us from stepping out of our comfort zone. Getting to the gym can be hard. Here are some things I do in order to decrease my gym anxiety, making this a more comfortable experience.

Make A plan

When I first started going to the gym I went in with no plan. This made the unknown place way more unknown. A little bit of searching on Pinterest has taken me a long way. When I walked in there with a plan it made me feel like I knew what I was doing even if I really didn’t.


This is such a little thing that can go such a long way. I was starting by jamming to my day-to-day playlist but I got easily bored. Finding music that is upbeat and empowering is key.

Finding the perfect time

I know that I personally have less gym anxiety when not as many people are in there. Unfortunately, this is a trial and error period of what time is best for you. Once you find that key time, the gym becomes more comfortable.

Find a group

Not only does having a group of friends to go to the gym with hold you accountable, it also is extremely comfortable. I find that going with friends allows you to provide guidance for each other, which can be extremely helpful for beginners.

Create your own bubble

At the gym, I feel what brings the most anxiety is feeling like everyone is staring at me or staring at everyone comparing ourselves. We spend so much time at the gym worrying about other people when really everyone is just paying attention to themselves. I try to create my own personal bubble and selfishly only pay attention to myself. It’s not an easy process and I still struggle but as I spend less time looking around I am becoming more confident at the gym.

Cassidy is a social media executive for Her Campus at St. Bonaventure University. She loves to use her creative outlet to advance her university's chapter. She has been writing for Her Campus for three years. Cassidy is a third-year student studying psychology with a minor in women's studies. Beyond Her Campus, she is involved in other extracurriculars such as L.I.F.T., Active Minds, and volunteering in the food pantry. She is the president of SBU for Equality. You may find her working in the admissions building as a student ambassador. She is an avid Pinterest user and will bring up how it is the best social media to exist. Her love for music keeps her going, nothing Taylor Swift can't help her with.