Coming to College Unprepared

Do you ever feel like you don’t belong in your college? Do you ever sit in class during a test or in general and think ‘I can’t do that, but everyone else can, so I must be dumb?’ Lastly, do you ever feel shy to ask a question because you’re worried your professor or classmates might think less of you? If you answered any of these questions, I know how you feel and you aren’t alone. It can be difficult coming into an environment where you are constantly challenged. Remember there are going to be things that are difficult and hard to comprehend. To avoid falling behind:

1) Sit in the front of your class

I know no one likes to sit in the front of the class, but it pays off. It pays off because it forces you to pay attention, participate and potentially ask questions comfortably especially no one can see your face. Lastly, it’ll allow you to get a better perspective of the lesson.

2) Get a tutor

If you still don’t feel comfortable asking your professor a question, you can ask a tutor. A tutor’s job is to help you understand the material and they did very well in the class, so they know what they’re talking about or they wouldn’t have gotten the job. Lastly, a tutor is a student like you, so they are easier to talk to.

3) Go to your professor’s office hours

Still having a tough time? Try going to your professor’s office hours. Why go? Go because they can answer your questions more effectively and break it down so the lesson or class material is clearer to you. Also, they can give you practice questions that can potentially appear on the test. Not only does it help you prepare and practice, but the tests might seem less scary.

4) Make sure you study as well

Studying is always a great way to keep material you learned earlier that day or week fresh in your mind. There are many ways to study. You can study on your own from your notebook and write notes in the margin, you can make flash cards and quiz yourself or look over a professor’s PowerPoint and summarize each lesson. Lastly, you can study with a group of friends and make it into a game (use a friend that doesn’t take that class to hold the cards) and the first person out of your three friends including you to get it wins a prize.

By doing these things it’ll allow you get comfortable with the topic and become comfortable with the topic so when you take your final exam, you’ll understand it. Also, your professor will see the effort you are putting into the class and might throw you extra points. Another thing to keep in mind is that maybe your school didn’t prepare you for college due to their lack of programs, funding or help. Lastly, remember to have fun, but only after your work is done.