Coffee and Photography with Oscar Fermin


Year: Senior 

Major: Strategic Communications 

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 

Favorite Food: Lasagna 

What is something about you that not a lot of people know? 

* When I was younger I entered a Spanish spelling bee and got all the way through to the states qualifier. 

What is something that you wish people understood about living in New York City? 

* “Living in New York city is like dating a comedian, or a writer, or an artist: fun while it lasts, but when it’s over, man it’s over. 

* Gentrification is a real thing.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? 

* Trying new coffee shops 

* Scheduling my day around my coffee time 

* Figuring out what Tumblr photo compliments my aesthetic the best 

You’re interested in photography, what sparked your interest? 

* I’m intrigued by the simplest things like sunsets and landscapes. One day I decided to document what I observed and to my surprise I was introduced to this community of people who were just as fascinated as I was. 

What is your favorite thing to shoot? 

* Lifestyle & People. There’s something about cameras that makes individuals appear delicate within this jagged culture. I don’t do photoshoots either, I don’t believe in that structure. I try to make myself as incognito as possible and engage in conversation with someone in order to obtain a natural shot. 

What do you look for in a subject? 

* This is like asking someone if they have a certain type. Personally, I just know who I want to take photos of once I see them. Sometimes the individual has a skin tone that I know compliments a certain background or a certain vision. 

What is your favorite part of photography? 

* There’s a certain high you acquire when you set out with a vision and once you develop your photos it’s an exact replica of your idea. 

What is your favorite thing about Bonas? 

* The space to think. Whether it’s time to yourself or just need some air you have plenty or trail.

PC: Oscar Fermin