Campus Cuties: Rohit Nalmada, '18 and Zach Wilson, '18

Names: Rohit Nalmada; Zach Wilson

Ages/Grades: Rohit – 20, D+; Zach – 18, sophomore

Hometown: Rohit – South Brunswick, New Jersey; Zach – Hamburg, New York

Majors: Rohit – We’re the Bio Bandits. Just kidding. Biology. Zach – The Bio Bandits.

Relationship Status: Rohit – Single and ready to mingle. Zach – Confused. Rohit – Single and when I pee it tingles.

Pet Names for Each Other: Rohit – Zacharias Tobias Smith; Zach – I guess I call you Rohan.

Her Campus: You two were roommates last year, which began this beautiful journey together. How did that come to be? Describe your first conversation.

Zach: This loser messaged me on Facebook –

Rohit: No!

Zach: And was like, “Hi,” like super formal and everything, “You want to be roommates?” He thought it was cute or something and I was like alright, he seemed alright, so I tested him out and I guess it worked out.

Her Campus: Anything to add Rohit?

Rohit: I don’t know what he said. What’d he say?

Zach: I said you were a loser basically.

Rohit: Seconded.

Her Campus: How was the transition from roommates to just friends? Did you cry?

Zach: Well, we weren’t just friends.

Rohit: I don’t like to talk about it.

Zach: We were friends with benefits for a little while. No, I’m kidding. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Debatable.)

Rohit: Dark days.

Zach: Dark days. He didn’t have a lot of friends so I kind of adopted him.

Rohit: That’s not how adoption works.

Zach: That’s basically it.

Her Campus: What is the greatest experience your bond has endured?

Rohit: In the beginning of the semester his mom paid me $75 to be friends with him for the rest of the year.

Zach: Doh!

Rohit: And that was pretty clutch.

Zach: Make sure you get my “Doh!” in that. DOH!

Her Campus: What is the weirdest experience your bond has endured?

Zach: I don’t know.

Rohit: We could actually probably think of something. What’s the weirdest thing experience? Hmm.

Zach: There really isn’t even anything that weird. There was general awkwardness.

Rohit: I don’t think we should mention the knives.

Zach: Oh yeah! Oh shit, that was fun though. We really probably shouldn’t say any of them.

Her Campus: So you guys have no answer?

Zach: It wasn’t awkward. Not really awkward. What was the question?

Her Campus: Weirdest.

Zach: Yeah, not much weirdness.

Her Campus: Is it roses all the time, or are you prone to spats?

Zach: Eh. We’ve only had really one real spat. Nah, we’re generally chill.

Her Campus: What do you guys do to keep the magic alive?

Rohit: Smash.

Zach: Smash.

Rohit: No context.

Zach: Daily smash. Just write daily smash.

Her Campus: What’s in the future for you two darlings?

Zach: Hopefully he finds a new friend to hang out with.

Rohit: Day by day.

Zach: As I was saying, just take it day by day. Hopefully he makes some new friends so we don’t have to hang out as much.