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Campus Cutie: Charles Pierce

Name: Charles Edwin Pierce

Age: 19

Hometown: Syracuse, New York

Major: dual accounting/finance major

Relationship Status: uncertain

Nicknames: Chuck Bass, Sea Bass, Chuckles, Charlie, Chuck Boy

(Note: Chuck lost his voice recently, so his friends stepped in to answer Chuck’s questions in his place. Everything they say can be assumed to come from a place of honesty out of respect to their good friend Chuck. But they could also be lying. I’m not sure.)

Her Campus: “Thanks for taking the time today to meet with me!”

Chuck Pierce: (cannot speak)

Her Campus: “I hear you’re double majoring in accounting and finance. How challenging is it to keep up with these responsibilities?”

Chuck’s friend, Nick: “Well, being a double major can be a very stressful thing, but you find a little enjoyment out of it sometimes. There are some nights where you’re just sitting in your room, you got the whole 5 o’clock shadow thing going on, and you’re like, ‘Wow. Why do I care about these numbers?’ And then I realize, ‘You know, I can still do this. I just gotta stay awake and I gotta stay determined.’”

Her Campus: “Is there a potential Mrs. or Mr. Chuck on campus?”

Chuck’s friend, Nick: “Um, I cannot confirm or deny that there is a Mrs. or Mr. Chuck on campus. That is information that the affiliated party might have my head on a spike if I divulge that information, so…”

Her Campus: “What is it that a man of your caliber does in your free time?”

Another one of Chuck’s friends named Nick: “Well, you know, I spend a lot of time playing baseball, football, soccer, sports like that. Soccer’s actually my favorite sport. When I’m not watching soccer or when I’m not playing soccer, I’m watching tennis or, you know, the European Open.”

Her Campus: “You had a promising career as a high school football guy. Are there aspirations to one day reach the NFL?”

Chuck’s friend, Hannah: “No, I peaked in high school.”

Her Campus: “A popular rumor details your time as a dedicated Hannah Montana fan. If true, comment on what your experience as a Montananite was like.”

Chuck’s friend, Zach: “Well, to be honest, it was much more than fanship – it was addiction. For a while there, all I could think about was Hannah. I couldn’t concentrate on my studies while I was constantly being [distracted] by the image of her in my mind. My performance as team captain of the school bowling team was only exacerbated by my obsession. Looking back, I can finally say that those were dark times. As of now, I can say that I’ve finally moved on, and I’m proud to say that I’ve been Montana-free for two years now.”

Her Campus: “You are always ready to make the argument that Star Trek is miles better than Star Wars. Explain exactly why you believe Star Wars to be so bad.”

Chuck’s friend, Rohit: “Well, the main problem with Star Wars is that the characters are really bad. There’s no development.”

The views spoken on behalf of Chuck Pierce in this interview may not specifically reflect the views Chuck Pierce has.

Just a little egg growing up in the big city.
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