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With the holidays approaching, schools and businesses will temporarily pause to offer rest to their students and employees. Though time off is always a treasure, it can be hard to find activities to keep busy when the winter weather strikes. Luckily, reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies. During the holiday season, I enjoy curling up on my couch with hot cocoa and a good book. Below are my favorite stories to transport you to amazing times and places without leaving the comfort of your own home! 

“Alone With You in the Ether” by Olivie Blake

Though this book has earned the title of “romance novel, it is so much more than that. The story is complex, beautiful, and existential. Set in Chicago, the story introduces Regan, a compulsive liar with a complicated past who works at the Art Institute of Chicago. While working one day, her path crosses with Rinaldo, a depressed doctoral student of mathematics. The two neurodivergent protagonists form an intimacy before their subsequent romance. The nature of their conversations and chemistry allows for a wonderful yet fragile human bond. Forces collide, boundaries are broken, and lives are altered. This is a must-read for anyone looking to get lost for hours in a captivating story on the essence of the human narrative.

Call Me By Your Nameby Andre Aciman

I am worried that no description of this novel will serve it justice, you have to read it for yourself. “Call Me By Your Name” tells the story of magnetic, compulsive attraction and the consequences that follow. Elio is a mere adolescent when he becomes enthralled by the summer guest staying at his parent’s home on the Italian Riviera. The guest, named Oliver, is studying under Elio’s father and thus living with the family for the summer. As both Elio and Oliver tip-toe closer toward boundless connection, they maneuver their emotions in a reckless and passionate manner. Now a major motion picture starring Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer, this whirlwind story is destined to become the next controversial classic.

“Necessary Peopleby Anna Pitoniak

This book was read in just about one or two sittings for me. I was initially drawn to the book when I noticed it at my local bookstore, with a vibrant cover and a description promising a story of best friends that morphs into a crime thriller. Stella and Violet met in college, quickly becoming friends and yet knowing their respective roles. Stella grew up privileged and is used to the spotlight- never facing consequences for her impulsive and self-centered decisions. Violet, meanwhile, carefully picks up the pieces of Stella’s mess and always puts them back together. After graduation, Violet lands a promising job at a cable news network. She finally believes she will be free from the shadow of Stella. Violet flourishes in a fast-paced environment, writing and researching all night and day. Soon, Violet’s passions are threatened once Stella uses her charm and deception to land a job at the same network. As the two compete for happiness and a life of their own, what will the girls do to secure their own future- even if it means jeopardizing the other’s happiness?

Happy reading!

Katie is a social media executive for Her Campus at St. Bonaventure University. Her experience with social media, advertising, and writing allow her to combine her passions and advance her university's chapter of HC. She has been a part of Her Campus since freshman year. It has been her favorite on-campus extracurricular to become involved with. Katie is a second-year student studying Strategic Communication and Marketing. She finds joy in being involved on campus through various organizations including Her Campus, Jandoli Women in Communication, and College Democrats. She is Vice President of SBU's Freshman Leadership Program. She is also a full-time student ambassador who enthusiastically leads tours for prospective students. (Request her as your tour guide!) In her free time, you can find Katie reading, hiking, and laughing with her friends. She loves spending time outdoors, especially in the fall. Her guilty pleasures are copious amounts of (iced) coffee and country music. Some of her favorite artists include Chris Stapleton, Fleetwood Mac, and Luke Combs. Katie will eagerly engage in any conversation about her beloved hometown, Buffalo, New York. She will likely attempt to convert you to become a Buffalo Bills fan, and could talk about Josh Allen for hours. Post-grad, Katie hopes to be using her creative talents towards a fulfilling career in the world of advertising.