Best Mexican Restaurant to Drink at in Olean, NY

Both Mexican restaurants in the Olean and Allegany area are owned by the same people and some people say that there is no difference, but there are major differences. Not necessarily in the food, but in their drinks. El Sombrero (in Olean) is very consistent in their drinks and Don Tequila (in Allegany) is not necessarily, but they are always better and bigger.

When it is not Happy Hour, at El Sombrero a small margarita is $4.99 and a jumbo margarita is $11.99. At Don Tequila a small margarita is $1.99, and a jumbo margarita is $11.99. If you calculate the volume of liquid in these margaritas and alcohol percentage, the small margarita’s at Don Tequila have the best price for alcohol content.

At Don Tequila, three small margaritas will fill up one jumbo margarita without ice. Therefore, small margaritas are more worth it because three small margaritas equal $5.97 instead of the $11.99 for the jumbo. Here, the small margaritas are also larger than the small margaritas at El Sombrero. At Don Tequila, the tequila shots are $4.00 and at El Sombrero they are $6.00, and Don Tequila has a better presentation. El Sombrero has larger jumbo margaritas than Don Tequila, but they put less alcohol in them, therefore, the jumbo margaritas are never worth it, always get the small margarita and only go to Don Tequila to drink.

“I think Don Tequila is much more conveniently located, it is also faster especially as El Sombrero is busier, but I do like their dessert better. Don Tequila has way better drinks,” said Madeline Wedvick. Not only is Don Tequila great at making drinks, but they also have amazing customer service and they sponsored my kickball team in May 2019 for St. Bonaventure University Spring Weekend.