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Drop everything now because Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is officially in theaters. If you were not one of the lucky ones to experience Taylor’s enchanting concert live, or even if you were, you can now experience the show of your wildest dreams.

The Eras Tour film captures Taylor Swift’s iconic concert that spans 17 years of her music career. The very first night of showings was unexpectedly pushed up when Taylor announced on Instagram that the film would open on Thursday, October 12th instead of the elusive 13th.

The film runs for 2 hours and 48 minutes, not including pre-show or trailers. Depending on your theater, tickets range in cost from $13.13 to $14.00 for children and senior pricing and $19.89 to $21.00 for general admission before tax because it’s Taylor Swift- Would she miss the opportunity for an easter egg?

Since the film’s announcement, fans have been questioning what to expect, like will we be singing and dancing? Are we dressing up? AMC put the speculation to rest, releasing “What to Know Before the Show” on their website, outlining the guidelines for The Eras Tour showings.

AMC explicitly states that this is a concert film. Therefore, singing and dancing are encouraged. They do, however, remind guests that they must be courteous to others by ensuring that they are not blocking anyone’s view (eg: not standing on their chairs) and that they are mindful of the volume of their singing. Basically, act in a way that no one needs to tell you that “you need to calm down.”

Amanda, @TheFolkloreTheorist on TikTok, called her local AMC, Regal, and Cinemark, who all reassured her that the team at the theater expects the showing to be loud. They just ask that guests refrain from “scream-singing,” something that those who attended the concert know all too well. In a different video, she recommends choosing seats in the back corners of the theater if you want to stand in case the vibe of your showing is less fearless.

Theaters showing the film, as well as Taylor on Twitter, encourage viewers to dress up and bring friendship bracelets as if they are attending the concert, which may be the perfect opportunity to go for a cozier Folklore look or to re-wear the gorgeous concert outfit that undoubtedly took weeks to plan.

Rumors circulating TikTok (namely by @JessicaGolich) suggest that AMC may give out friendship bracelets to those attending the movie opening weekend in addition to the already advertised movie popcorn bucket, cup, and free mini poster.

Somewhat surprisingly, AMC’s guidelines allow for “selfies and group photos” during the film, so you can capture and remember it. Just be mindful that there is no flash and that the film itself is not being recorded.

In short, expect The Eras Tour film to be a mini concert! There will be singing, dancing, themed outfits, merch, and swarms of spirited swifties. It’s always nice to have a friend, so make the friendship bracelets, grab your besties, and prepare for an experience that will be better than revenge. Are you ready for it?

Meghan Lex is a freshman at St. Bonaventure University from New Jersey. She is a new member at Her Campus SBU, but plans to write pieces surrounding mental health, entertainment, and campus life! She currently studies communications. Technically, she's a "Undeclared Communications" major at the moment because it gives her the opportunity to explore all of the different aspects of the field! As a freshman, she is extremely excited to try new things, and sign up for different clubs and experiences on campus. Evidently, she is a part of the women's cross country and track team, SBU@SPCA, Freshman Leadership Program, and the Student Athletes Wellness Club.