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Tennis Shoes And Water Bottle
Tennis Shoes And Water Bottle
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If there is one thing I love, it is that outfit that looks as if you walked straight out of the 1990s and your gym that you frequent and you are headed off to meet your friends at lunch. 

Think of Monica Geller from Friends and her running attire. If you get the picture, you get the picture.

As I have been getting back into going to the gym, I have been trying to create outfits that feel wearable throughout the day and I feel comfortable in while I am working out. 

This niche outfit category is one that I think combines the perfect amount of comfiness with flexibility and style, hence my infatuation with it.  

I think I have achieved this well-rounded outfit genre, and this is what I feel the staples are. 

The baby tee

I don’t think that many people realize that a baby tee is not solely meant for jeans. A baby tee is the perfect combo with your favorite gym pants or shorts. 

For those who don’t love to wear tight-fitting clothes at the gym, this option feels comfortable enough and cute. 

I would also add that a baggy cropped tee is one that also does the trick to pull off this look. 

The New Balance’s 

Now, my New Balance sneakers are coming in the mail as I write this, so I cannot be too much of a bandwagon without even owning a pair yet, but c’mon. 

They are the cutest girl-on-the-go sneaker that pairs well with any outfit. 

Plus, they’re relatively cheap for sneakers. 

The jumpsuit 

At first glance, it’s a no. 

But once you try one on, heaven. 

This past summer I purchased the Artizia Wilfred Free Divinity Kickflair Jumpsuit, one of my best purchases yet. 

It really steps up any look and is perfect for layering. 


Now this can be a stretch for those of us who are dabbling in the 90s aerobics world but need to test the waters first. But I am telling you that legwarmers do not even have to be paired with sneakers to be cute. 

I have honestly been wearing them with my Ugg ankle boots and they just step up the comfy look. 

Sometimes they even look like cozy socks which brings me to my next point below. 

Visible socks 

The cutest look to me is white socks that have been scrunched down around the ankles. 

With leggings or with shorts, it just looks so vintage and girly. 

High waisted leggings

I don’t think I even have to explain this one. 

High-waisted leggings provide amazing support. 

There are so many options nowadays too that have shapewear technology or extra support, you don’t even have an excuse. 

An oversized zip-up 

That’s it. You know the vibes. 

There is also so much that you wouldn’t think to wear, say if you were going to the gym, but is available in your closet. 

It comes down to what your idea of comfort and style is and then you choose how you wear it. 

And if you are anything like me, an intertwining of comfort and style makes life a whole lot easier, so I hope my thoughts were helpful.

Howdy babes, my name is Hadley Thompson and I am super happy to be here. I am from Niagara Falls, NY, and am ready to move where the Buffalo winters aren't so strong, brrrrr. I am a senior political science and journalism double major at St. Bonaventure University. I still remember my first semester writing for HC, I was the only new inductee at our annual interest meeting! It is so awesome to have witnessed this group of insightful and wonderful minds grow throughout the years. As I finish up my time here at Bonas, I hope to combine all of my hobbies and interests as I step into this next chapter of my life. Because I love things like reading, studying politics, environmental studies, chatting it up, writing, and such, I am applying to law school, eek! I will have to keep you updated. I am super excited for this semester amidst all of the changes, senior feelings, and, of course, to be a part of HC @ SBU! :)