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9 Ways to De-Stress Before Finals

It’s that time of the year! Finals week is here…again. So to save you some lack of sleep and tears due to stress, Her Campus SBU brings you: 9 ways to de-stress before finals!

1.    Don’t overthink

  • Finals are hard for everyone. Yes, you might have dozed off in one too many lectures and been unprepared for a couple of class discussions, but odds are, you’re more prepared than you think! Believe in yourself, take the time to organize everything you plan to review and grab your highlighter! You’ve got this.

2.    Distraction is OK sometimes

  • When you’ve been staring at the same Power Point on your laptop for 15 minutes, staring at it for another 15 probably won’t make a difference. Calling a friend to go to the Hickey with you, going on YouTube and watching pandas sneeze or watching some Netflix will allow for space in your brain. Then you can tackle those slides!…Or watch another episode of “The Office.”

3.    Visit the Richter or the trail!

  • Sometimes, all it takes is some cardio or a great ab-workout to get some endorphins running through your bod and  keep you upbeat! Medicinenet.com lists endorphins as “natural pain and stress fighters,” so even 15 minutes of the elliptical or climbing the rock wall can lift your spirits and get you ready to dive back in the books. Don’t be afraid to indulge in fitness!

4.    Get Away

  • If you’re feeling unproductive and the temptation of going out on the weekend is too strong, going home for the weekend is a great idea. If you’re able to get home, sleep in your own bed and snuggle your pet, you’ll return back to campus feeling refreshed and ready to hit the Friedsam Memorial Library, maybe with some dog hair on you. 

5.    The Mountain

  • For those of us that can’t make the quick trip home whenever we’d like, feeling trapped on campus and maybe even homesick can be really easy. If you’re in the mood for a mini-vacation, Mt. Irenaeus is easily accessible with free transportation almost every weekend and a great home-cooked meal by Father Kevin and some of the other friars that live there.

6. Take a break and listen to your favorite tunes

  • After what might seem like days of studying (even when it may just be a couple of hours in the library) for that one final you’re stressed about, taking a break and binging on Spotify or your personal library can prove effective in making you less stressed. Whether it’s “Shake it Off” by T-Swift or “Lemonade” by Gucci Mane, your fave playlist will have you feeling better in no time

7.    Treat yo’ self   

  • Rewarding yourself for countless hours of studying can never be a bad thing…right? Give yourself a break and scroll down your Twitter feed for a while. Take a nap!…Or finish that 8 pack of Mac and Cheese you bought at Walmart this weekend that you told yourself would last until the end of this semester. Creating your own personal reward system is a great way to find the motivation that you thought you had lost yesterday.

8.     Make a study guide and stick to it

  • Finals week is one of those weeks in the semester where even if you’re well prepared, stress and anxiety will still affect you. Try sitting down for 10 minutes and making a well-thought-out study guide: When/where are you going to study? Loft at the Quick Center before your 2:30 class or LaVerna at 6? Time management is super important all throughout the year, but make use of this skill during Hell week!

9.  Get lots of sleep!

  • Countless studies have proven that there is a clear correlation between hours of sleep and amount of stress. When you stay up watching your favorite movie in the lounge and wake up for your 8:30, don’t you feel significantly angrier at the world? With the added stress of finals, this is a recipe for disaster. Add at least 7 hours of sleep on your to-do list for finals week and it’s guaranteed you’ll feel better and will probably get more work done.


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