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7 Ways to Have More “Good Days”

Adjusting to freshman year, or living the college life in general, can be hard and stressful, which can make the times that are supposed to be good, seem bad.

  1. One thing I have been doing when I need advice, motivation, or inspiration for several things, is watching YouTube videos. A woman named Nur, with the YouTube channel “Nurology,” makes videos with amazing advice. One titled “How to Have More Good Days” has ideas that are worth sharing.
  2. One way to make every day better, decrease stress and anxiety, and change your life overall, is having a good morning routine, as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. In the video, Nur says you can make a “miracle morning” by taking the first hour of the day and dedicating it to yourself. The changes you should make begin right when you wake up, and it starts with your phone. When your alarm goes off, refrain from hitting snooze. If you hit snooze, you are beginning your day with resistance and there is a higher chance you will continue that pattern throughout the day.
  3. Nur also suggests putting your phone on airplane mode when you go to bed, and to not take it off until you are done with your “you” time. Doing this will clear your mind and decrease anxiety. By starting your day with checking your phone, you are giving yourself to the world instead of putting yourself first and that becomes a habit.
  4. Next, you should exercise. This releases endorphins that fight stress and will help put you at ease. Other good things you can do would be to read, journal, or listen to a happy music playlist. Music can impact your mood immensely and I have seen for myself what a difference it makes by starting the day with good music.
  5. Being productive by making your bed will increase your overall productivity for the day. Decluttering your room can do the same for your mind. You do not want to come home to a chore.
  6. If you procrastinate, making a to-do list of “small, bite-sized tasks,” such as writing the intro of a paper, motivates you to finish without putting too much pressure on yourself.
  7. Many of us want to make changes in life so, to do this, you should take ten minutes every morning dedicated to making this change. Brainstorming, watching videos, or writing goals every single day will motivate you to make this change and will speed up the process of it becoming a reality.

This advice session has taught me the true importance of starting your day with the right mindset. You need to take care of yourself first before giving to the world. You are your own priority and when you have this type of morning, it puts your vibes and mind in the right place. You will respond to everything with power, instead of fear or vulnerability. Making these small improvements will lead to larger ones throughout your life and will result in more “good days.”

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