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7 Reasons You NEED a Trip to Buffalo New York

It’s no secret that there isn’t much to do in Bonaland all the time. Sometimes it is nice to get away, even only an hour and a half away! You can do everything from spending the day at a football game to stuffing your face with chicken wings…there is anything and everything!

1.Galleria mall

            sure the shopping at Kohl’s and the occasional Walmart (admit it we’ve all done it) is great, but a trip to the Galleria is well worth the drive as they have basically any mainstream store you need, as well as access to some pretty great restaurant that you have probably been missing while away at school….bringing me to number 2…

2. Chipotle, Five Guys, The Cheesecake Factory

            In case your in the mood for some of the classics that we miss while in Olean. I have no shame in the fac tthat sometimes I order two meals so that I can have another great chipotle meal later int the week. #SorryNotSorry


            But let’s be real…if you’re going to drive all the way to Buffalo it’s only right that you get their rightly deserved claim to fame…a giant order of Buffalo chicken wings. Now it is hard to find bad chicken wings, but some of the best in my opinion can be found at: La Nova, 9-11, and the Anchor Bar

4.Cath a Buffalo Bills game

            It’s that time of year again, before Bonnies basketball starts and since we don’t have a football team of our own, head down to the Ralph, and rest assured you’ll have a great time.

5.Buffalo Sabres

            Or if you’re more of a hockey fan stop by the First Bank Arena to watch the Buffalo Sabres, really any excuse to watch a sport, drink some beer and eat some really unhealthy food is a great one. 

6. Elmwood & Hurdle Avenue

            If you’re more into a quirky place with some little boutiques and cute coffee shops, stop by the quaint street of Elmwood Avenue. Plenty to do, even if that’s just some window shopping strolls with a cup of coffee in hand.


            A great start for making your way into Downtown Buffalo. You can go ice-skating on the frozen canal, and then stop inside for some yummy food at the plenty of great restaurants around the block. Or in the nicer weather catch a great concert with some friends!

I'm a Junior Strategic Communications major at Saint Bonaventure University, also known as the greatest place on earth. Hobbies include eating ridiculous amounts of food, watching Scandal and swimming. I'm probably wearing converse.
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