2019 Last Minute - Makeshift Halloween Costume Guide

Get excited because it’s that time of year again! Spooky season! Don’t be scared if you can’t think of a Halloween costume, just read this article and you’re halfway to winning the 2019 costume contest!

Couple Costumes - for those of you who want to dress up with your boo, here are some ideas for you:

· Jim and Pam from The Office – Jim, you have it easy. Just throw on a white shirt with a tie and tape three black holes on your right side. Pam, grab your cat ears and a marker for whiskers on your face. Done!

· Ron and Kim from Kim Possible - Throwback! The original one true pair. Girls grab an orange wig, tight black crop top, and green pants. Boys, yellow wig and black outfit!

· Danny and Sandy from Grease - leather pants, leather jacket, leather everything!

· Woody and Bo Peep – Woody, dress up as a cowboy sheriff: flannel, cow vest, belt and cowboy hat. Bo Peep, wear a blue jump suit with a pink belt and don’t forget your sheep.

· Shark Boy and Lava Girl - This would take everyone back and is also super simple! Girl, dress in all pink and wear your hair down with pink highlights (a wig or fake dye). Boy, Shark shirt from amazon or any Halloween store and black pants.

Friend Costumes - the best kind!!!

· M&Ms - pick your color and style of shirt and iron on an ‘m’!

· ‘Friends’ Characters - get your gang together and be Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel for the night. Pick your favorite version of them and copy that outfit.


Rachel - Central Perk apron

Ross - dress casually and bring a fake monkey

Monica - chef outfit

Chandler - Be funny and dress simple

Joey - dress like you are going to get a headshot!

· Harry, Ron and Hermione - add any additional characters for any additional friends, the more the better! White shirt with a red and orange striped tie, gray sweater over that and a black robe to finish the look. Add a scar on your forehead with a marker for Harry!

· Angel & Devil - one in white with a halo, one in red with devil horns.. which one is in their true form? Add in nuns and priests to fill the theme.

· Sofia and Alex from ‘Call Her Daddy’ - brunette and blonde wigs and any going out outfit

Costumes for flying solo - because that’s cool too!

· Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz - Wear a blue and white checkered dress with red shoes and braid your hair!

· Pennywise - red balloon, clown make up, orange hair… go to Amazon for the costume!

· The Joker - clown make up, green shirt, orange vest and red suit. Fake green hair dye if you want to go crazy!

· Bill Nye the Science Guy - Blue lab coat, khaki pants and a bow tie!

· Throw on your favorite jersey and pretend to be that player for the night. Easiest thing you can do!

Halloween Costume ideas for your pet - because if you aren’t dressing up, they are.

· Jolly Rancher

· Taco

· Witch doggo

· A hot dog!

· Super dog/Super cat

· Shark

· Minion

Hopefully there is one costume in here that can work for you, and if not, maybe it sparks another idea. Happy Halloween!