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13 Original Costumes for a Cool-Girl Halloween

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If there’s one thing that unites college women, it’s Halloween. The magic of fall air, glitter and costumes combine to make one night a year where everyone gets a chance to be someone else. However, there’s a problem. Each year, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a unique costume to wear without being something so obscure everyone looks at you like you have four heads. But, where there is a will, there is a way, so I’ve compiled thirteen costumes that can beat the Halloween costume brain fog debacle.

1. Patrick Bateman- “American Psycho”

If you want to look, feel, and be the coolest and most interesting girl on the planet (at least for a night), you have to be Patrick Bateman. Not only is it an incredibly easy costume to pull together, but it’s just so unique. All you need is a clear raincoat, a blue dress shirt, and a black mini-skirt. If you want to be fancy, you can add a jug of fake blood. Clear raincoats go for under ten dollars, dress shirts go for under thirty dollars, and black mini-skirts go for about fifteen dollars. If you decide to spatter blood on your raincoat for a more cohesive look, you can buy a jug for under ten dollars. Overall, you would spend a maximum of sixty dollars, probably even less. Besides dress, makeup and hair can be simple. With the rising popularity of the “American Psycho” movie and a fascination with the sick mind, dressing up as Patrick Bateman is super trendy and unique.

2. Mia Wallace- “pulp Fiction”

I do see this costume yearly, but truly it is the ultimate cool/hot girl costume. The outfit is very similar to Patrick Bateman; just a white dress shirt and a black mini skirt. If you have short black hair, this costume is perfect for you, but if you don’t, short black wigs go for less than twenty dollars. A white dress shirt is about fifteen dollars, making this costume one of the most affordable on the list. Even though it’s pretty popular, there is something incredibly timeless about the movie and the costume itself. If you want to give off a mysterious and damaged, but elegant, vibe, this costume is perfect for you.

3. Mean Taylor- “You belong with me” music video

Taylor Swift fans, this is calling your name. What was arguably the most iconic music video of the 2000s can be your Halloween costume this year. It’s a more expensive costume, but 100% worth the reference. A cheer costume ranges from around forty to sixty dollars and a dark brown wig costs about twenty dollars. This costume is super unique and fun, especially if you have a friend who can be “Nice Taylor.”

4. Love Quinn- “You”

There is no better way to celebrate the new season of “You” that will be (spoiler) Love-less than to dress as her for Halloween. It’s a very simple costume, and can honestly be made up by clothes that are already in your fall wardrobe. Because Love has so many iconic moments in season two and three, you can honestly choose any look featured. A fake knife or a baby doll prop would be a fun addition to the costume, but not a necessary one. You will, however, need fake blood for the Love Quinn look. This costume is so fun and eccentric, and super relevant this fall.

5. Suze Howard- “Euphoria”

The most iconic woman of Euphoria is not Kat or Maddie, but Cassie and Lexi Howard’s wine drunk mom, Suze. From her show stopping outbursts to her ultimately useful advice, Suze Howard runs Euphoria. This costume is incredibly simple. You need a track suit, obviously, and a prop bottle of wine, which will run you about thirty-five dollars at the very most. This costume is honestly so cute and easy and super efficient if you plan on going to parties in the cool October weather.

6. Catwoman

If you are looking for a costume that is both chic and not overdone, Catwoman is perfect for you. While the costume is more expensive than most, it’s so worth it. The latex suit will cost anywhere from thirty to one hundred dollars, which makes it harder for the average college student to afford, but if there’s one thing you can be sure of, you’ll be showstopping. It’s also versatile because there are so many versions of her, but it’s just a very classic and unique way to celebrate Halloween.

7. “Lust for life” Era Lana Del Rey

There is one thing you need to know about me- I love, LOVE Lana del Rey. I think she is actually a lyrical genius and one of the most beautiful and talented women in the world. I have actually never seen this costume done before, but it’s such a great album cover that it has to be done this year. You’ll need flower hair clips which go for under ten dollars and a long sleeve white dress which goes for as little as twenty-two dollars. The album itself is so mystical and authentic, it will surely make a perfect Halloween costume.

8. “As it was” music video Harry Styles

Harry Styles would be the perfect Halloween costume, especially considering the release of his newest album, Harry’s House. It is also such a unique costume, but incredibly recognizable. If you’re looking to be the It-Girl of Halloween this year, this is the way to go. You need a red, sequined jumpsuit, which will cost around forty dollars, and a red boa, which costs around five dollars. Truly, no one will show up with the same costume as you and it’s such a fun way to celebrate.

9. Juliet- “Romeo and Juliet”

This is such a cute individual costume, but also a perfect couples costume if your partner plans on visiting you on Halloweekend. Because there are so many different versions of Juliet, how you want the costume to look is completely up to you. Juliet is a really cute and simple way to celebrate Halloween.

10. A Pretty Little Liar- “Pretty Little Liars”

If you were like me as a child, you were obsessed with PLL. If thirteen year old me had one dream, it was to grow up to be like Spencer Hastings, so to dress up like her would be like fulfilling my teenage vision. Because there are five of them, you are free to decide which one to dress as. It’s a great group or individual costume, and an awesome throwback.

11. bella swan- “Twilight”

Fall brings me two things; the need for new clothes and my repressed obsession with the Twilight saga back. As Robert Pattinson continues to rise in popularity, especially within meme culture, the epicness of the Twilight love affair remains on the back burner of pop culture. Bella Swan can either be a really cute costume or a hilarious one, depending on how you want to do it, and the best part about it is that most of the costume is in your own closet. All you need is a zip up hoodie and bootcut jeans, and maybe an aggressive side part. Honestly, this costume is only for brunettes, but there are definitely opportunities to be different characters if you do not have brown hair.

12. A Flapper

If I see someone dressed as a flapper this year, I might actually hit the ground passed out. Truly it is one of the most unique costumes ever and it’s inexpensive. The dress costs around twenty five dollars, depending on where it’s from, and the other accessories cost about fifteen dollars. It’s such a cool way to express yourself and your creativity and trust me when I say that this costume will be a head turner at the very least.

13. Kathryn Merteuil- “Cruel INtentions”

My best friends and I watched “Cruel Intentions” on the last day of school in eighth grade and I have not stopped thinking about ultimate mean girl Kathryn Merteuil. She is little, but, woah, she is FIERCE. It’s a very easy costume and you can choose which look she wears in the movie. Honestly, if you want to own Halloween, you need to be her.

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