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10 Signs You’re Procrastinating Right Now

1.    You actually thought about doing your laundry.

  • And you actually separated it all by color, not throwing it all in at once like you usually do.

2.    You’ve rearranged your room for the fifth time this week

  • Because spring cleaning, right?

3.    You considered going for a run in the nice weather

  • Okay fine, probably just a walk but at least it’s exercise.

4.    You called your mother.

  • This time you actually pretended to listen about family drama instead of complaining about your poor financial status.

5.    You cooked dinner instead of ordering takeout.

  • And you actually did your own dishes thoroughly instead of leaving them for your roommates.

6.    You opened your computer with the intention to start work…

  • …But instead started season 7 of Grey’s Anatomy because the Netflix tab was still open from the night before.


7.    You checked your MySpace account out of “curiosity”

  • But also because you’ve already refreshed Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so much that there were no new posts.

8.    You stalked yourself on social media for 20 minutes

  • Then got depressed that you weren’t having as much fun as you were this time last year, which then inspired you to do literally anything but homework.

9.    You decided to clean up your eyebrows

  • Or something equally as unpleasant like clipping your toenails or attempting to give yourself a manicure or finally dying your roots after 2 months.

10.  You read this article because you saw the title and knew you could relate because you were procrastinating.

  • College: otherwise known as procrastination nation. 



A junior at St. Bonaventure University majoring in Journalism/Mass Communications and French. She can always be found with a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee in hand, at the gym attempting to do yoga, or binge watching Grey's Anatomy with Ben&Jerry's. You can follow her on twitter @emilyrosman or on Instagram emilyrosman.
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