Your Time is Coming

In this current season of my life I am experiencing finding myself, falling in love with myself, growing closer to God and thanking him for all that he has done. In the honor of May being mental health awareness month I would like to speak about my growth from where I was last year May. I was in the process of getting ready to graduate from highschool. Filled with so many emotions I still struggled with internal pain from not knowing who I was, mildly depressed, and I did not have a relationship with God. Well at least not as strong as now. Fast forward to today May 18, 2019 I am truly blessed, have a relationship with God, and falling in love with Mesi. I constantly remind myself you get to spend the rest of your life with you. Why aren’t you in love yet? My only priority right now is rejoicing in the happiness and fulfillment I feel and protecting it all costs. I feel like many times we forget that as much as God blesses us, we have an obligation to protect his blessings. For example, I experienced God giving me happiness, but I believe I was taking it for granted. I kept on running back to a particular situaionship that was so toxic, draining, and God himself literally told me it was not for me. I did not listen. My heart and emotions triumphed the word God had spoken over  my life and once again I found myself trying to find the energy to get out of bed and go on about my day until, I finally just talked to God about everything… I cried, and he took it all away. The feeling that came over me was unexplainable but so peaceful, nonetheless. It was truly God’s presence. I knew right then and there that God’s grace is very sufficient however, we have to not take it for granted. We have to want it and know that we deserve it. I knew right then in that moment that I had to protect my blessings because when you are going through it those same people are no where to be found. I now ask myself when entertaining certain people will this cost me my happiness? Is this what had me down the last time? Taking yourself through the process of weighing the pros and the cons will keep you from experiencing a lot of heartbreak and heartache. You have to see your worth and know who you are, and your energy is scared and not everyone should be able to experience it. This is hope and upliftment to anyone who may be going through hell right  now that God is real. God knows your situation, and your heart. Everything is going to be okay. Search for the divine wisdom that God could be teaching you through your trials. When you are weak, he is made strong. Cry if you have too.  Write about it. Vent about it. Then speak life over your situation. You are stronger than you think. I was just like you last year now look at me. I’m not where I want to be, but I am rejoicing in where I am at now, because I have come a long way,  and I am so proud of myself and we give all praise to the man above. Thank you Lord!