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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Savannah chapter.

Exercising my right to vote, never gets old. 

Wanna know why? Read this poem I just wrote: 

“So my ancestors built this joint for free! 

And although emancipated, at 3/5ths a person we were still seen as beneath.

They still couldn’t vote, and in their fight for their rights, they were killed, jailed and beat!

Then feminists including my DST founding sorors got out and marched for women’s rights on weary feet,

All so I could be like ‘15th and 19th Amendment me please!’

So please believe when it’s time to vote, you’re gonna hear from me.”

Women, especially black women who needed TWO amendments for the right to vote (because they were female AND black) don’t waste your right. 

Tiffany Wright

Savannah '22

I, Tiffany Nicole Wright am a kind (and I’m most proud of that), quirky, goofy, magical, blackety black, hot-nerdy, semi-accomplished, uber-creative, baddie with a FUPA, overtly-resilient, unicorn-ish woman. Jacksonville, FL raised me. While there, I received a B.S. in Biology in 2008 and became a member of the greatest Sorority in the land, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. 11 years later, I finally found my balls, embraced my true passion and left Corporate America & Jacksonville. Since the Fall of 2019, I let Savannah, GA rebirth me. I currently attend the University by the Sea, Savannah State, risking it all to reach my next chapter in my journey to becoming a professional screenwriter and choreographer. I’m matriculating through my B.F.A., majoring in Visual and Performing Arts with a concentration in Theatre, Minoring in Dance. 3 years ago, I launched my brand MsDevotedTiff Productions, to showcase my writing through digital content and visual media. I have been fortunate enough to have my short films and parodies, screened in film festivals including: LOL JAX (FL), SSU Indie (GA) & Dumbo (NY, semi-finalist) Film Festivals. The assumptions about, underestimations of and lack of permissions given for black woman to be multi-layered, are what drives my storytelling. I tell my truth, usually with a humorous or performing arts twists. I’m “In Living Color” meets weird Al Yankovic (oops, did I just date myself?) with a huge splash of Beyoncé “Lemonade” vibes.