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Everyone has their own definition of love. Some are the same as others, but you also have different opinions of love. I don’t think we fully understand what love is until we reach our early 20s. However, that’s not the case for a lot of people. In my personal opinion, love is whatever you make it out to be, and I feel like you figure that out based on how you grew up. I’m not saying that if you grew up in an abusive household, that’s your interpretation of love. That doesn’t apply to a lot of people. When I say that you find out what love is as you grow up, I mean that you can watch any relationship that you see within your family. Somebody has shown you what true love really is, and I feel like, in this generation, people have no idea what it is nor what it’s like to even be loved. So, what is love? Love is what you make it out to be. Only you can figure it out for yourself.



Brianna Grimble

Savannah '21

Pisces Gang, March Baby, SSU Senior....Life is what you make it, so make every moment count?
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