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Top 10 Expectations in Coming to Savannah State University


During “Week of Welcome” SSU holds majority of student tiger gatherings in Tiger Arena located at the bottom of campus. If move in wasn’t hot enough, walking from Tiger Court or Bowen Smith well get the job done. Definitely stay hydrated with water bottles and even takes a pit stop at the Starbucks corner located in the Student Union/ food court (You’ll hear it called the U majority of the time).

Two: The case of over-eats

First arriving to campus, many use the Student Union for their go-to meals. I, myself ate at Austin Grill for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (yes, I was a fellow victim). While their food is good, you do not want to get tired of the taste due to it needing to last all school year long. Switch it up between there, the Cafeteria (the Cafe) with our new Vegetarian menu items located in King Frazier, and/or lastly Tiger Express.

Three: Party of here party over there

There will most likely be three to four parties or shindigs a night for students. Definitely be careful in your choosing, be responsible, and have fun but remind yourself that you’re now a collegiate away from home and responsible decision making is key regardless of the hype. If walking the campus at night, try not to be alone and instead with a fellow student to have a better probability in ensuring your safety.

Four: Run me my money!

Most likely you can catch a ton of students located in the financial aid office located in the Colston building or across the street at the cashier’s office in Hill Hall. It’s a great idea for students to handle any questions, comments, and/or concerns prior to classes starting, because it could be quite a hassle. Might as well get it situated and solidified in your free time.

Five: Tour de State

Most likely “Week of Welcome” will consist of a tour of the campus filled with info and interesting facts. However, once you get your class schedule, it is strongly suggested to find exactly where each building is. Thus, when it is time to actually head to class the clueless face will not be plastered over your shirt.

Six: Serving Up Excellence

Also a part of WOW week will be community service opportunities. Help out! It will be fun in your spare time, connect with other students, and also meet some hands on advisors and coordinators for student life.

Seven: Sennnd Me.. Your Allocation

Once classes start, I strongly suggest you allocate your free time and etc. Knowing when you cannot have nap time or when you have spare time to finish up homework avoids a lot of procrastination all the while getting your priorities done first. In example, some students do not do homework during the night time because they know the drowsiness is real after a long day of college life. Thus, they allocate their time to where it’ll fit in their schedule and even have time for campus life also. Education comes first so allocate and prioritize wisely..

Eight: Dress for Success

One thing the HBCU Savannah State University knows how to do is “Dress for Success”. Every Wednesday it is HBCU culture to dress in your best business casual. It most surely is not mandatory but once you put on that blazer or suit jacket, the confidence boosts to a 10. Every Wednesday may be difficult to dress out for multiple reasons and it is okay. SSU takes pride in this so if you see the entire campus looking like COBA majors… don’t be alarmed.

Nine: I don’t need you… I have wifi

I project 8 out of 10 students will be confused as to how to get connect to the wireless internet on campus. No worries…. It is a few simple steps. Firstly connect to the “SSU Student” wifi. Following will be a pop up asking for your student email as well as your Tiger World password. And BOOM! Keep in mind some areas lack a good connection and if that happens in your dorms, you can put in a maintenance request.

Ten: Jitterbugs

After going through all of these expectations for your first week of Savannah State University, I bet the jitterbugs are flowing. Relax… you will do fine. Being in college will be the best time of your life so enjoy it and remember what you’re here for. Good luck future TIGERS!


I am a sophomore majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in public relations and journalism at Savannah State University. My aspirations are to move to a big city and become a fashion editor for trending magazines. Aside from the classroom and Her Campus, my interests are fashion and beauty, journalism, and history. With Her Campus at Savannah State University, my aspirations are to revamp women's empowerment and to uplift & showcase the women of our campus!
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