Take Some Time for You

Self-Care- The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness.

    We as females are always determined to keep healthy relationships with our family, friends, loved ones and significant others. Although keeping these relationships strong are important, we must prioritize keeping a healthy relationship with ourselves. Practicing self-care is not as easy as it seems since we have crazy schedules (especially college students),and a  false perspective on what self-care is. Because of this, dedicating time to ourselves seems like it is at the very bottom of our to-do list. We simply do not consider self-care  to be a priority, but this has to change because it is an essential part to our survival.

   Since we all have full schedules, self-care seems like it has no place to fit anywhere, even though It may seem like it is not possible to add self-care to your schedule, there can be a balance. In fact, the busier you are, the more this balance is needed. Set aside some time after you complete a task to do something that you enjoy. Say no to certain tasks if you feel overwhelmed, complete your task while doing something you love like listening to music or enjoying a cup of coffee. Self-care is all about taking precious time for you. It is okay to say no to people if you want to take time for yourself. GET REST!  Self-care is all about not overworking yourself. Identify your TOP priorities, and once you do this, it makes it easier to point out everything that matters for your personal gains.

   In addition to the issue of implementing time for ourselves, we also are getting brainwashed on the idea of self-care.  When we turn on the television or go on social media, we always see self-care depicted as a product or an advertising tactic. It seems like it’s the new “thing”, The media presents us with their definition of what self-care is by telling us what we should do or purchase to reach our “self-care goals”. Unfortunately, we are buying into someone else’s definition of it.  We cannot allow other people tell us how to be happy and how to find our inner peace. When practicing self-care, you and only you are in charge. You are free to do whatever you desire. Never compare your self-care regimens to anyone else’s. Do what make you and only you happy.