Spirituality or Religion?

More common then not college student really aren't to comfortable discussing religion and spirituality. The topic has become so politically discussed and opinions from both sides have become so strong that most college student just decide that they don't want to have anything to do with either. Even if your not a spiritual or religious person ever one, especially our women, could use a little motivation and encouragement. My go to person to fill uplifted and encouraged is Sarah Jakes Roberts. She is a preacher for The Potter's House at OneLA and is the daughter of the legendary Bishop TD Jakes. I like her because all of her sermons aren't geared towards being religious or spiritual, they are geared towards uplifting you and encouraging you. I also love that they are online and posted to YouTube which makes them so convenient! I've picked seven random sermons of her's that I believe could be very helpful to anyone who just may need a word of encouragement and little inspiration! There's noting wrong with a pick me up for the soul! 


1. "Shipwrecked"



2. "Blood, Sweat & Fears" 



3. " Work Your Win" 


4.  "Power Moves" 


5. "The Prison and the Palace' 



6. "When Winter Becomes Home' 

7. "Boundaries" 



p.s. This is my favorite one so far! 


Hopefully one of these even videos offers you a bit of encouragement and inspiration! You can follow her own twitter @SJakesRoberts and Ig @SarahJakesRoberts and watch her on YouTube at The Potter's House at OneLA. She alo has her own website SarahJakesRoberts.com where you can find information on her books, sermons, and so much more.