Shining Bright Like Diamond

In continuing our member highlights, I would like to showcase one of my favorite writers on our editorial staff Diamond Charles! Diamond is a junior mass comm major and is one of the most beautiful souls on campus! Read her profile and get to know and love her like we do at Her Campus Savanah State!


Otissia: What is your major & why did you pick it? 

Diamond: I am a Mass Communications major with a concentration in audio and video. At first I picked this major just because I didn’t want to take too many math classes. Later on I realized it’s so many stories that need to be told about that the media won’t show so I want to be that story teller.

Otissia: What are you aspirations for your degree & career path? 

Diamond: I wish to work in radio or work as a television producer.

Otissia: Why did you decide to attend Savannah State University? 

Diamond This may be a really long answer! I started doing my research on colleges when I started high school and Savannah State was always popping up as a good choice. I think it was the summer before my  senior year I took a tour to the school and right then I knew it would be a top choice for me.  During my senior year of high school, my chorus teacher took us to a few events where we met HBCU presidents, which is how I met Dr. Dozier. That year Dr. Dozier and myself crossed paths three times so I just knew it had to be fate. I also was looking for an HBCU that was not so expensive so that made a difference.

Otissia: What are three of your favorite things about Savannah State University? 

Diamond: One thing I like is the area it is in. Savannah has many historical sites that are beautiful. The friends I have made throughout the years have also made SSU special to me. Most of the professors here are very eager to help their students succeed.

Otissia: What 2 pieces of advice can you give incoming freshmen? 

Diamond: Treat every day like an interview, you might meet someone that can take you to the next level in life. Also, reputation is important! Someone is always watching whether you know it or not.

Otissia: What are 2 things you've learned about yourself so far attending Savannah State? 

Diamond: One thing I have learned is that conversation isn’t my strong point. I get nervous around new people very easy.

Otissia: Are you in any organizations or plan on joining any organizations & why? 

Diamond: Since freshman year, my job and classes has taken up most of my time so I haven’t really been focused on joining a lot of groups. Since I am a junior now, I feel like I need to go out with a bang and join a few more groups on campus.

Otissia: Now to the fun part! As a wonderful member of Her Campus of Savannah State University, why did you decide to join? 

Diamond: Free writing always help me get stuff off my chest. I also wanted to improve my skills in writing.

Otissia: What do you plan on gaining from Hcsavannahstate?

Diamond: I plan to get a feeling of how I interact with a group of like-minded ladies.  

Otissia: What would you like to see from Hcsavannahstate this year? 

Diamond: So much comes to mind! I would like to see us be in a place where we can be like a confidant for any lady on campus. When a girl comes to our events, they should feel a sense of sisterhood.

Otissia: As a writer what has been your favorite piece you've written and a piece another writer has written? 

Diamond: A Letter for the Broken Heart is my favorite piece I’ve written most definitely. I would have to say Breaking up is Hard to Do is my favorite by Kemira because my favorite personal piece was inspired by hers.

Otissia: What is your favorite thing about Hcsavannahstate?

Diamond: I like how it feels comfortable to interact with one another.

Otissia: In five years where do you see yourself?

Diamond: I see myself working for a film company as a producer.

You can follow this beauty on her social media handles

Twitter: d_lytee

IG: thatoldsoul_

Snapchat: just.sparklinn