Risen from the Earth: My Strong Black Woman

She is risen from the Earth, My strong black woman.

She is the darkness and light

She is hard and soft

She is solemn and cheerful

She is modest and boastful

She is complicated and encompasses us all.

My fine black woman is the essence of the Earth and stands tall 


She motivates, maneuvers, and moves

She always keeps her groove.

She is a queen among queens

She stands amongst others and alone at the same time

She straightens her crown effortlessly

While she lifts up others graciously

My Strong Black woman, Queen Supreme


She has held the weight of the world on her back

But remains unappreciated and full of neglect

She endures reverence and disrespect

She does not let her spirit lack

She knows her inner self worth

This will always keep her on the right track

My Strong Black Woman


She is behind the making of great men

Even though credit for her efforts is quite thin

Pushing and moving others forward

Drying those infamous tears of oppression

Strong Black woman: Queen Supreme


She is every woman

The mother, sister and friend

The one who will always lend a hand

She is me and she is you she is everyone and no  one at the same time

She is risen from the Earth my strong Black Woman


My strong Black woman has been on the move

From learning to read and to Pulitzer Prize winners

From the cotton fields to the White House

 From back-door brothels to The British Monarchy

From a mere domestic to Chief Operating Officer

From singing in the church choir to the Queen of Soul

From the Delta of Mississippi to the richest woman in America

From welfare to the New York Stock Exchange

From Compton to the greatest of all times.

The GOAT is our queen-supreme


Her greatness is the source of obsession

While she suffers a life of oppression

She is an unsolved-puzzle

A mysterious-mystery

She is my strong Black woman 

 Risen from the Earth who apologizes to none.


Queen Supreme, a strong black woman

 Doesn’t have preferential treatment

To voice concern is discontentment

When she is kind, they think it’s a weakness

When she keeps silence, they think she is speechless.


How does she remain so strong?

 Queen Supreme still smiles

 She still smiles when the world around her frowns

She knows her worth and wears her crown

 My strong black woman

Risen from the Earth

Queen Supreme