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On September 27, 2021 mercury went into it’s retrograde. Scientifically this is just a way to say that the planet Mercury changes course and seems to move backwards in the sky, but it is only an illusion. This particular retrograde was the third and last one of this year. Spiritually this one phenomena is known to cause problems and unfortunate circumstances is one’s life. If it can go wrong most likely it will during retrograde. Mercury is the planet that represents communication so when it changes course it feels as if this throws everything off. This retrograde in particular had an effect on relationships.

Personally, during this retrograde I did not want to be bothered by anyone for a long period of time. Communication was definitely a struggle for me and If I was already having a bad day it would increasingly get worse For example, my car got infested with ants during the first week of retrograde so it was definitely off to a great start. I will say although this was a difficult retrograde it was not the worst. Mercury went into retrograde in Libra with that being said it was not as bad as the previous retrograde which was in Gemini. Libra is the seventh astrological sign that dates between September 23rd through October 23rd. Ruled by Venus the Planet of Love, Libras are known to take their relationships very seriously. This retrograde was an opportunity to pay attention to our closest relationships and see how beneficial they are. Although Mercury retrograde is known for being chaotic, I feel like it is what you make it. Whatever is going on in your life is going to be heightened during retrograde.

This was a time to not only pay attention to your love life or lack thereof but also pay attention to your friendships. Maybe you and your friends have not been seeing “eye to eye” for a long time which could mean that you are growing out of that relationship and it is time to move on. Not saying that there should be any “bad blood” but maybe you guys are moving on to different paths in life. Moving on should not always have to be negative and during retrograde is the perfect time to do so and reflect on yourself and your choices because everything becomes more apparent. Retrograde makes things difficult in order for you to learn how to respond to different situations in your life. It is not something to be afraid of or dread going through because it is a part of growing as a person.

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