The Power of Prayer


We all can reminisce about times of being lost. Whether it be past or present dysfunction; crying ourselves to sleep every night and not having a confidant to confide in. Even with the losses of your “day 1’s” who you thought would be your ride or dies, but you have been riding the wave alone. There is one person who has never left nor forsake you. God will always be in your corner in the midst of it all. If you are ready for your breakthrough call on his name so you circumstance won't break you. There is power in prayer.


Everyone has an outlet that makes them forget about their pain. Sex, alcohol, and even drugs. Once you get that high you neglect your problems instead of facing them, but what you fail to realize is that high is temporary. You have to come back down to reality. Once you hit rock bottom you will come to the realization that seeking redemption is vital.

God is your outlet and not someone you only call on to fulfill your own  personal desires, but someone you reach out to in the midst of your sorrow. He will set you free only if you are willing to do the work.  Healing takes time. It is not an overnight process, however, you must be willing and committed to feeling your deepest afflictions and cut off individuals in your life who have may cause them. Many times we want God to save, heal, and deliver us from our circumstances, but we do not want to do the work that delivers us.

Looking in the mirror and acknowledging is the first step. That first step is essential because it shows you are aware of your problems. You must be honest and raw. It is nothing to be ashamed of because numerous of people have been through many of the issues you are struggling with.  God is using you and working through you to be their voice. The next step is speaking about it. Holding everything in will leave you bitter, lost, and confused. Write about whatever it is keeping you up at night or preventing you from being the best version of you. You also must know God has already forgiven you. He is just waiting on you to seek out his word and help. Do not run from your pain because it will only get worse. You are supposed to cry because every tear is towards restoration. There are times where you may want to give up because surrendering is easier than  talking about your sex addiction, your boyfriend problems, or daddy issues, however, you must stay focused on the end goal which is freedom mentally, and spiritually.

In this college life, it is so easy to get lost and lose yourself. You must stay grounded and keep the man above in your corner. There will be good times and bad times. You may come across a storm every now and then, however, do not soak in it. You may not feel whole and perfect, but God sees you as just that. Accept your flaws and insecurities. That is what makes you who you are. Try not to focus too much on the negative because it is enough people who will do that for you. The only person who is holding you back from blooming is yourself. If  God is within you then you will not fall. Your happiness, peace, and solitude is in your power to just pray.