Nyome G: Does It Get Better?

I've decided to bring back highlighting members in our chapter and the wonderful things they are doing. This profile will be on the lovely Nyome G! Nyome is a sophomore political science major and has made quite a splash her freshman year. Aside from being smart, beautiful, talented, and a joy to be around Nyome has big plans for her collegiate career as well as her future. Read to get the full scale of how amazing she is! 


Otissia: What is your major & why did you pick it?

Nyome: Political Science, I picked my major because I wanted to take a career that would best suit me getting into Law School.

Otissia: What are you aspirations for your degree & career path?

Nyome: I aspire to graduate from Savannah State and attend Law School then later on take the path to become a Federal Judge.

Otissia:: Why did you decide to attend Savannah State University?

Nyome: Honestly it was because of the campus, when I toured it seemed like the best option and growing up I always admired the Savannah area.

Otissia: What are three of your favorite things about Savannah State University?

Nyome: It’s close to Downtown Savannah, the food options in the area are great and I love the campus atmosphere.

Otissia: What 2 pieces of advice can you give incoming freshmen?

Nyome: Make sure you stay in those books, parties will always be there and don’t put these boys ahead of your education they also will always be there.

Otissia: What are 2 things you've learned about yourself so far attending Savannah State?

Nyome: That its ok to have alone time and be by yourself and also its better to have a few close friends than a lot of friends period.

Otissia: Are you in any organizations or plan on joining any organizations & why?

Nyome: I am currently in Her Campus and the Political Science Association, I do plan on joining more this school year because I would like to experience the different things they have to offer.

Otissia: Now to the fun part! As a wonderful member of Her Campus of Savannah State University, why did you decide to join?

Nyome: After attending the interest meeting and learning all about what the organization was about I loved the idea of helping play apart in getting it started.

Otissia: What do you plan on gaining from HCSavannahState?

Nyome: I plan on gaining lifelong friends out of my fellow members and helping out and influencing whoever I come across.

Otissia: What would you like to see from HCSavannahState this year?

Nyome; Overall just providing a great campus experience and bettering anyone who is in or comes across the organization.

Otissia: What is your favorite thing about HCSavannahState?

Nyome: The different aspects we have offered for different members to do and how its something for everyone to play a part in.

Otissia: What are three unique things you would like for our readers to know about you?

Nyome: I used to competitively ride horses but I stopped in high school, I love interior designing and decorating I also would be a party planner on the side and I also love figuring out scenarios Clue is one of my favorite games to play.

Otissia: Who's your biggest inspiration and motivation to be the remarkable woman that you are?

Nyome: Definitely my parents, everything I do is for them they inspire me to be the best that I can because they’ve always provided for me and raised me to what I believe is becoming a great woman.

Otissia: In five years where do you see yourself?

Nyome: I see myself very financially stable and working at a top law firm in whatever area I end up living in and hopefully around the time I’ll be married or at least engaged to the love of my life.


You can follow the lovely Nyome G on her social media handles 

Twitter: theylovesym

Ig : theylovesym

Snapchat: nyomesymone