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Naomi Campbell is an English supermodel who was born May 22, 1970, in Lambeth, South London. Her mother, Valerie Morris was from Jamaica and Campbell has never met her father as he abandoned the family during her mother’s pregnancy. Her bloodline is broad as she has some Asian roots, [Chinese Jamaican] on her paternal grandmother side. During her childhood, Campbell spent many years in Rome where her mother worked as a professional dancer. Campbell herself was a dancer during her childhood. Her mother is quoted as her biggest inspiration in life. Naomi Campbell made her debut in the modeling industry in 1978 when Bob Marley featured the young model in his music video “Is This Love.” At the age of 16, Campbell was introduced to Beth Boldt who was the head Synchro Model Agency. Before her 16th birthday she appeared on the cover of British Elle. Her career began to excel very quickly as she began to walk in runways for top designers such as Gianni Versace. It was not hard for Naomi to stand out.

The 5 ft 10 in. Model gracefully strutted the runway every single time and earned praise from other top designers. In an article by Alice Newbold ‘Naomi Campbell’s ‘90s Looks Spell Out “Supermodel” she described Campbell throughout the 90s by stating, “No one does diva glamour quite like Naomi. Give her any look and she will sell it.” (Newbold, 2022) When you see Naomi Campbell on a runway or in a print you know that Naomi Campbell is selling the look. She created a staple name for herself all throughout the 90s and even made history in several high standing magazines, fashion shows and supermodel titles. Campbell understood the assignment every single time. No matter what the occasion was Naomi Campbell stole the show and it is my honor to give her, her flowers while she is here.

Sierra Norwood

Savannah '24

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