Leilani Brannon: The Beauty of A Flower Child

We're back we our amazing interviews of the marvelous women of Her Campus of Savannah State! This interview is about one of our writers Leilani Brannon! Lei ( for short) is a sophomore at Savannah State University, she's a member of Bowen Smith Hall's board, she's a Tiger Ambassador for the university, an active student on campus who participates in numerous activities! Her Campus of Savannah State is overjoyed to have such a beautiful soul apart of our chapter. 



Otissia: What is your major & why did you pick it? 

Lei: My major is Visual and Performing Arts with a concentration in Studio Art. I have always love art ever since I was four years old.

Otissia: What are you aspirations for your degree & career path? 

Lei: With my degree I want to be story artist for a major animation and film making studio (Disney, Cartoon Network, Pixar, etc.) and an independent painter.

Otissia: Why did you decide to attend Savannah State University? 

Lei: Originally I wanted to attend Savannah State with a major in Physical Therapy. And I decided to change my major to Visual and Performing Arts and wanted to attend SCAD but then changed my mind to my original choice Savannah State because its a HBCU, the feeling of home that I got when I toured campus. 

Otissia: What are three of your favorite things about Savannah State University? 

Lei: Everyone on campus is like a family, the organizations that Savannah State offers,it is a HBCU so I love being at a school where I can see beautiful, driven and black and foreign people graduate and be successful it inspires me

Otissia:What 2 pieces of advice can you give incoming freshmen? 

Lei: Get involved and stay busy it helps you be successful and get out of your social circles and network.

Otissia: What are 2 things you've learned about yourself so far attending Savannah State? 

Lei: Being patient, humble, and kind will get you far. Also, being yourself is the best thing you do.

Otissia :Are you in any organizations or plan on joining any organizations & why? 

Lei: I am in Her Campus Savannah State and I plan on joining SGA, Tiger Ambassador and RHA.

Otissia: Now to the fun part! As a wonderful member of Her Campus of Savannah State University, why did you decide to join? 

Lei: I decided to join because I wanted to get involved on campus and it was the first organization who fostered my potential. 

Otissia: What do you plan on gaining from Hcsavannahstate?

Lei:  A network of sisters and a platform for my future endeavors.

Otissia: What would you like to see from Hcsavannahstate this year? 

Lei: I would love to see Her Campus Savannah State have more events, community service, and just more opportunities to  meet and interact with members.

Otissia: As a writer what has been your favorite piece you've written and a piece another writer has written? 

Lei: I love Naomi’s Feminist piece it was absolutely fantastic. And, my favorite article I have written is my piece on Her Campus Savannah State. It really is gonna be a piece of history for a fantastic organization.

Otissia: What is your favorite thing about Hcsavannahstate?

Lei: Interview people who are gonna have articles and interacting with the woman of the organization.

Otissia: What are three unique things you would like for our readers to know about you?

Lei: I am from Las Vegas, NV, I have huge plans for my college career, and I love to help and inspire people.

Otissia: Who's your biggest inspiration and motivation to be the remarkable woman that you are?

Lei: My mom and every female role model I’ve ever had. They have thought me so much and have shown me what a lady transforming into a woman should be.

 Otissia: In five years where do you see yourself?

Lei: I want to be a graduate of Savannah State University and at the start of my career.

If you would like to get to know Lei more you can follow her on Twitter at @leilanibrannon