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Ketanji Brown Jackson: How important is representation?

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Representation by definition means, the action of speaking or acting on behalf of someone or the state of being so represented. Hearing the news of the first black women to ever be nominated for the supreme court after over 200 years of the foundation of this country. For black women across the world seeing a dark-skinned black woman with afrocentric features with so many accolades and accomplishments, makes everyone’s heart smile. Knowing that a black woman is actually getting a position she deserves, not as a political pawn or for a quota. 

Obama was elected while I was in elementary school and I was ecstatic. I was constantly navigating little kid politics and running my own campaign for Obama. Seeing how excited my grandparents were made me realize this was very important. In the same lifetime to see more and more black faces in political positions and eventually a woman, is apart of the Divine 9 become the Vice President. Yes, we are finally getting what we deserve as a community. On the other hand it’s also just the bare minimum. We finally get to serve a country we built? Whilst still going through voter suppression and modern day lynching. I battle everyday as an activist on what political and government representation for and in our communities, means to me.Yes, we need more Black, Indigenous and Persons of color in office to really make a difference and be heard. At what cost? It took 200 years for the first black woman supreme court nominee and she was being crucified in her hearing compared to Justice Kavanaugh and Brett. She was still being subject to racist stereotypes and misogynoir, even though she is the most qualified compared to all the current justices.

As we await the verdict on Hon. Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination, I want every black girl to know you are enough. Working five times as hard and still running into that brick wall is not okay but there is always a ceiling and little by little it’s being broken.

Aniyah Coaxum

Savannah '25

A proud and new member of the Savannah State University chapter of HerCampus. Born and raised in Duval County, Florida.
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