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Jeffery Ruff :A Classic Man

This interview mean a great lot to me. This interview is about one of the most purest souls to reside at The University By The Sea. Very rarely do you find human beings who are kind, honest, encouraging, God fearing, and have a pure heart, at Savannah State University there is an exception to the rule: Jeffery Ruff. Jeffery is one of Savannah States most treasured gifts. He touches everyone he comes in contact with in the most kindest way. He is a great example of the type of people Savannah State shapes, molds, and creates. this is one of my favorite interviews because he has been a great supporter of Her Campus  Savannah and the members within our chapter. We were honored to do an interview. 



Jeffery Ruff. 



Mass Communications and minor in business marketing. 

Twitter & IG @jefferyr__



Otissia: What made you want to attend Savannah State University & How would you describe your experience so far? 

Jeffery: The reason I decided to attend SSU is because I always wanted the HBCU experience. I felt as though with the personality I have and the goals I want to accomplish I could flourish more at an HBCU more than anything. My experience here is been amazing! I truly can say I love everything about my institution. I think I made an amazing choice attending here. 

Otissia: What have you learned about yourself so far since entering college?

Jeffery: That I’m capable of doing ANYTHING i set my mind too. I’m powerful and I know that I can make a difference. 

Otissia: What pieces of advice do you have for incoming freshmen?

Jeffery: Come with a mindset of being greater than how you entered SSU. Utilize the things given here to help make you a better individual and a powerful leader! The possibilities are endless here. Utilize them for your personal development and growth! 

Otissia: What organizations have you joined since coming to college and how have they changed you?



Jeffery:  I have been a Tiger ambassador, I’ve joined the top modeling organization on campus L.A Nation, I’ve joined the NAACP, I was apart of the Student Government Association serving as the sophomore class president and I’m also apart of RHA. I can say these organizations truly have taught me and changed me to being a better leader and a effective one! It has taught me how to be able to reach out to different types of people. It has instilled in me professionalism, dedication and most importantly it has made me a better leader! 

Otissia: What future goals do you have left at Savannah State University?

Jeffery: To graduate with Honors of course, to become a more effective leader and in all just to make sure my life in general will make a difference to someone else. 

Otissia:  What do you think could be better at Savannah State University?

Jeffery: I think that the School spirit could be better. We should support ALL of our teams. Win or lose! Everyone needs that extra push to be great! 

Otissia: What are your goals after graduating?

Jeffery: To become a publicist. I want to help be a vessel with anyone I come across with. I want to be beneficial. 

Otissia:  What made you pick your major?


Jeffery: Because I knew Mass Comm was for me. And to know me you would say the same lol! 

Otissia: If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

Jeffery: A lion, because he’s the king of the jungle. Hes the leader that everyone looks up to and he’s the person that has complete authority over his kingdom. 

Otissia:  If you could have any super power what would it be? 

I would like to be able to read minds. I would love to hear what people are thinking inside of their head when they are quiet. 

Otissia: Where do you hope to see yourself in 5-10 years?

Jeffery: BIG! Somewhere doing big things!

Otissia: Do you have any quotes you live by or words of advice?  

Jeffery: Yes, I do.  “ Now if you know what you’re WORTH then go out and get what your WORTH” – Rocky Balboa. 

Otissia: What or who motivates you to be the person you are today?

Jeffery: The past me and the future me! 

Otissia: Is there anything special you would like our readers to know?

Jeffery: I’m very approachable lol, everyone always thinks I’m mean at first but I’m really a genuine sweetheart! If you ever see me don’t be afraid to say hey! Because most times I’ll reply hey with a hug.

Hi, My name is Otissia McKinnon. I was born and raised in South Georgia and now I currently attend Savannah State University as a Social Work Major. Helping those who are unable to help themselves is my passion and I intend on making it my life's work. I thoroughly enjoy writing, editing, building and branding social media content. My future plans are to build a women's organization that not only empowers the youngest of hearts but encourages girls as they grow older to be the most loving and successful versions of themselves they can be.
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