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Homecoming 2019 Expectations V.S. Reality

Homecoming 2019: Expectation vs. Reality

Homecoming- A traditional celebration in High School and College to welcome back former students and to show school pride

 During the Week of October 20-26 2019, I embarked on my first college homecoming. I was completely oblivious on what to expect but I can honestly say that I was thrilled with my experience. Since I attend Savannah State University, the oldest public HBCU in Georgia, I knew that the celebration would be a big deal filled with alumni. I was surrounded by beautiful men and women of all ages celebrating the University. Contrary to what many believe, homecoming at an HBCU is more than just good music, food, and celebration. It is more than just the band playing effortlessly and the football team playing their heart out. It is an experience. It is a feeling of true happiness and pride for being black and experiencing the HBCU culture. It is feeling free and enjoying yourself to the fullest with friends, family, loved ones and even strangers. I felt like I was at a week-long family reunion. During the week, there were so many events that appealed to everyone. From the silent party bonfire, to the Greek Step-Show, to the Fashion Show (my personal fav), and even more. I enjoyed myself and I know others around me did as well. Homecoming exceeded my expectations. I want everyone to experience it. Homecoming 2019 was one for the books and it was an experience I will cherish forever. I cannot wait until next year! 

Morgan Croff

Savannah '23

A look inside of the mind of a 21 year old black girl
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