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Interviewer, Morgan: Hello HerCampus readers! My name is Morgan Croff and I am the writing coordinator of HerCampus Savannah State.Today I have the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Whitney Keitt. Whitney is a graduate student at Savannah State and this is her first year in HerCampus.

Whitney: Hey boo. How are you.

Interviewer, Morgan: Im great! This is just a interview getting to know you and your story.

Morgan: What is your name and where are you from?

Whitney: Whitney Keitt and Savannah GA

Morgan: What do you like about being from Savannah?

Whitney: Honestly, the seafood is my favorite (laughs). The seafood is my favorite as well as the beach but more so the seafood.

Morgan: What are your favorite seafood spots?

Whitney: My favorite restaurant for seafood is probably Tubby’s. I also enjoy the original Nancy’s.

Morgan: Ive never been to those places but I am sure they are amazing.

Whitney: Yes Savannah seafood is very tasty.

Morgan: My next question is, When did you start getting into writing

Whitney: I started writing in middle school. I was in a writing club. My first poem was known as “The Rainbow”. It was about what the colors of the rainbow represented. I think I still might have it actually. I think everyone started taking writing serious in middle schools (laughs).

Morgan: Yes (laughs). I think I started in middle school.

Morgan: What do you study here at Savannah State?

Whitney: I am studying Public Administration. I have a degree in business administration already.

Morgan: Oh wow that is interesting. I actually take a public administration class now. What do you want to do with your degree?

Whitney: I would like to work for the United Nations.

Morgan: What are your experiences at a HBCU?

Whitney: I always say this, when you graduate from a HBCU, you get two degrees when you had a intention for one. You get the one that you came in for and the other is that you made things happen without all resources. HBCU’s build character.

Morgan: (laughs) I like that and I totally agree. HBCU students go through things you would not even imagine.

Whitney: Yes, its something I always say.

Morgan: How would your friends/ loved ones describe you?

Whitney: Hmm ok let me think.. Im very snarky according to my friends. I am very witty with my comebacks, I am also very attentive. I also like to talk a lot. But when I like you. I have to like you (smiles). My family would say that I am very thoughtful and caring.

Morgan: I like the witty comebacks.

Whitney: You have to catch when I say them and understand them. That’s the only way they work.

Morgan: noted

Morgan: How did you find out about HerCampus?

Whitney: I found out about HerCampus through Tigers Roar Newspaper. This is the school’s newspaper. I also saw it again through Instagram and I was immediately interested. I was a mass communication major so I thought it would be a good fit. Its crazy because I remember when HerCampus first started on campus. I have seen it grow over time and I am glad to be apart.

Morgan: Yes many people find out about us on Instagram.

Whitney: Yes, I am not sure how I found it on there but I did and I applied from there.

Morgan: How do you want people to feel after they read your content.

Whitney: Empowered, Inspired, and knowledgeable. I like writing pieces that make people think. My first piece was the Empress of Nails and I realized a lot of people do not know about Flo Jo. She was beautiful. Her nails and jewelry did not stop her capabilities. I like telling stories of influential black women who are overlooked.

Morgan: Yes! Young track runners wear the long hair, long nails and lash extensions. They need to know who the blueprint of that is. Flo Jo!

Whitney: Yes she did and she still managed to be the fastest woman.

Morgan: Period!

Morgan: Okay this is a deep question but what is a quote that you live by?

Whitney: (takes a long pause) “What other people think about you is not your business” You should not worry about what other people think. If you worry about what others think you limit yourself on how great you can be.

Morgan: I could not agree more.

Morgan: I know that you are a mother! (smiles).

Whitney: Oh wow… a lot of people actually do not know that about me.

Morgan: Yes! I saw on your Instagram. Your daughter is so beautiful.

Whitney: Thank you

Morgan: I think motherhood is the greatest gift women possess.

Morgan: What is your favorite thing about motherhood?

Whitney: Motherhood is you discovering stuff doesn’t always make you happy. The smallest things can make you happy. Small bubbles can make you happy. (laughs). Happiness is not always in the stuff you can get or buy but it’s the moments that make you laugh freely and enjoy life.

Morgan: I love that! This is my final question.

Morgan: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Whitney: I see myself working with the United Nations or World Health Organization making policies about women’s health specifically reproductive health.

Morgan: The amazing Whitney Keitt and this is HerStory!

Storyteller, innovative thinker, and aspiring women's and family health advocate; Whitney Keitt is pursuing her passion of being an activist for change in her commuity. She graduated from Savannah State University with a Masters of Business Administration in December 2019. Whitney is pursuing her Master's of Public Administration and will graduate in December 2021. Growing up in Savannah, Whitney learned leadership skills and innovative thinking as a Girl Scout. She recognized her love of storytelling and creativity through her exposure to museums and theaters. Whitney's leadership skills, innovative thinking, and creative passion manifested into innovative professional positions. She has held positions as a senior tour guide at a historical site, social media strategist for her local farmers market, and project coordinator for an educational teaching program funded through the National Science Foundation.
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