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HerStory: Keitanya Klien

Interviewer,Morgan: Hi! My name is Morgan Croff and I am the writing coordinator of HerCampus Savannah State. I am here with my partner in crime (laughs), the beautiful Keitanya Klien. She is the Co-Writing Coordinator of HerCampus Savannah State. 

Keitanya: Hi Morgan!

Morgan: Lets go ahead and get started.

Morgan: What is your name and where are you from?

Keitanya: My name is Keitanya Klien and I am from Atlanta Georgia. I was actually born in north New Jersey but I was raised in Atlanta. I call Atlanta my home.

Morgan: Yes boo! Me too. 

Morgan: What do you like most about Atlanta,Georgia?

Keitanya: There is so many things to do. Atlanta has a lot of fun things and places to explore.A lot of people do not realize this but Atlanta is a great place for people to express their creativity, We have a little bit of everything. Atlanta is like the New York City of the South… It is everything right now.

Morgan: That is so true. Its where free expression flourishes. 

Keitanya: Yes it is.

Morgan: What are some of your hobbies

Keitanya: I like to draw and paint. I like to write of course. I also really like to be outside. I love nature.,, I love nature a lot actually. Anything that involves being outside, I am here for it.  I like walking, jogging and being outside basically.

Morgan: Girl even with the bugs? (laughs)

Keitanya: Well I actually hate bugs (laughs) but I love everything else. 

Morgan: Oh ok I was about to say!

(Keitanya laughs)

Morgan: So why did you choose Savannah State University?

Keitanya: I wanted to be at a school not too far, but not close enough where my parents could pull up (laughs), but no seriously I wanted to be away from home. I was not sure where I wanted to go honestly. For some reason I knew I wanted to be by the beach. I also was interested in HBCU’s so Savannah State just worked for both of those categories (laughs) I love Tybee… Its like a home away from home. But yeah.. SSU just worked and thats how I ended up here. Savannah is a really nice city too.

Morgan: I agree! I honestly chose this school because of its location.

Keitanya: Same girl!

Morgan: What do you like most about HBCU;s in general?

Keitanya: I like being exposed to our people doing big things. We have our whole lives to be a minority so I wanted to be surrounded by my people. At a HBCU we feel important. You get to see successful people who look just ike you. You get to see people who have similar backgrounds do certain things. Our people can do anything we put our minds too. I just love the feeling I get while walking across campus.

Morgan: So inspirational… HBCUs are like no other.

Morgan: What is your major and what are your career aspirations?

Keitanya: My major is Business Marketing. With my degree specifically I want to do marketing for a major music label or a fashion company. After this I want to own my own marketing company. That is where the business side comes in. I also want to continue writing. I want to one day write my own netflix original. That has always been a dream of mine. 

Morgan: Period!

Keitanya: Yes (laughs) remember this interview when you see my original in the future.

Morgan: I know that you will accomplish all your career goals sis!

Keitanya: Thank you Morgan.

Morgan: When did you begin writing?

Keitanya: I started writing in elementary school. I can vividly remember when my passion began. I used to write so many songs. Like I used to literally sit in my closet and write songs (laughs). Im not sure who I was writing songs for like I was actually going to perform them or something. I took writing seriously in middle school. I journaled and wrote about things that were close to my heart  at the time. 

Morgan: I used to write songs too girl! Thats so cute.

Morgan: How did you find out about HerCampus?

Keitanya: I think I was on Twitter and I saw a flyer.. I also saw another flyer on instagram. So yeah social media.

Morgan: Most girls find out about us through social media… Its cool.

Keitanya: Yes I think I was just scrolling down my timeline. I knew I wanted to be active on campus so I chose HerCampus.

Morgan: How do you want readers to feel after reading your content on the site?

Keitanya:I do not have a specific way I want them to feel. I just want them to develop their own personal feelings after reading and reflecting on my content. I do not have a prticular takeaway per say. I just want the to reflect on my words.

Morgan: How would your friends and loved ones describe you?

Keitanya: Im just funny like… I wanna find the fun in everything but sometimes I can be serious and stern. Im just funny and blunt at times.. I don’t know this is a hard question (laughs) This probably sounds crazy. I am super fun and witty. However, in certain situations I can be serious and assertive. 

Morgan: You are super fun to be around!

Morgan: This is a deep question but what is a quote that you live by?

Keitanya: This is cliche and I am not sure who exactly said this quote but its “Life Goes on”. It is a quote that I live by. It is so true…The good, the bad, the ugly.. life moves on. You cannot dwell on the past. Go with the flow.. life moves on. 

Morgan; My final queston for you mam…

Keitanya: I already know what it is (laughs).

Morgan: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Keitanya: Well into my career. I want to begin my netflix original like I said earlier. I also want to be married with kids (laughs). I really want that of course. I want to be living my best life….

The beautiful Keitanya Klien. The 2020-2021 Co-Writing Coordinator.. This is HerStory!

I have a lot to say, so I put it in writing 🤎
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