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Interviewer: Morgan: Hi HerCampus readers! My name is Morgan Croff and I am the writing coordinator for HerCampus Savannah State and today I have the privelage of sitting down with the beautiful newest member of HerCampus Savannah State, Jordan Sampson. 

Jordan: Hi! Im so excited to be here.

Interviewer:Morgan: Lets get started!

Interviewer: Morgan: What is your name and where are you from?

Jordan: My name is Jordan Sampson and I am from Daphne Alabame. I am from the 251 baby!

Interviewer:Morgan: Period! I have a lot of family from Alabama.

Jordan: Yes thats where I am from. 

Interviewer: Morgan: What is your favorite part of your hometown?

Jordan:I love that we are right on the water and the beach and the bay are very close.

Morgan: Thats so cool! A lot of people forget that Alabama has a beach.

Jordan: Yes mam.

Interviewer:Morgan: What are your hobbies outside of writing?

Jordan:My hobbies outside of writing are reading, being a social media curator and designer, scrolling social media, doing yoga, & shopping

Interviewer: I love yoga. Its so theraputic.

Jordan: Yes, yoga helps me get through many difficult situations.

Interviewer,Morgan:Why did you choose Savannah State University?

Jordan:I chose SSU because I wanted to go to a school in a city that I loved that also had an amazing business program. When narrowing down my top options for colleges, the top two were HBCU’s and SSU won out because of my love for the city of Savannah and the people at SSU. It was important that the school cares about it’s students and and for me to not be just another number paying tuition. SSU delivers on that.

Interviewer:Morgan: I love the location iof Savannah State. That s probably my favorite aspect of attending the school. The school is indeed family oriented. 

Morgan: What is your favorite part about attending a HBCU?

Jordan: My favorite part about attending an HBCU is that I can walk into class and the people look like me, yet we are all so different. I can be surrounded by the culture and get an excellent education!

Interviewer,Morgan: I love HBCU culture. I love seeing black people dong prosperous things. 

Jordan: Yes I agree.

Morgan:What is your major?

Jordan: My major is Computer Information & Logistics Systems with a minor in Spanish. I plan to use my education to help me with my personal businesses and investments. I am learning how to monetize my passions. I also want to use my major as a way to get me into the international business sector so that I am able to travel with my job. I believe that many of the world’s issues can be solved through business and business practices.

Morgan: Thats so interesting! I think being a business woman is a amazing career choice. We need more black women being their own boss. 

Interviewer:Morgan: When did you begin writing?

Jordan: I have been writing since elementary school. My parents brought home blank books and let me and my siblings write our own books in them. My fourth grade teacher, noticed that I had a very active imagination because I would always daydream in class and she signed me up for local writing workshops so that I could turn my daydreams into written stories. In middle school I started writing poetry and that really helped me find emotional release for things that I was going through.

Morgan: Many writers including myself started writing at a young age. I am so glad that your teacher inspired you to continue writing.

Jordan: Yes! Its been a passion of mine ever since.

Morgan: So how did you find out about HerCampus?

Jordan: I found out about Her Campus through one of it’s advisors Ms. Chaka Moore. We were talking about different black owned businesses for fashion and I started listing off different instagram accounts and different styles and items off of each of them. When I did that Ms. Chaka suggested that I join Her Campus so that I could write about things like that because she could hear how my voice lit up when I was talking about that.

Morgan: I love Ms. Chaka

Jordan: Yes! That is how I heard about HerCampus Savannah!

Morgan: How do you want readers to interpret your content on the site?

Jordan: I want readers to feel the emotion that I felt when I was writing the piece. I say that because I feel different ways when writing about different topics. for instance I might feel one way when writing about fashion, but another way when writing poetry, or another way when I’m writing a story

Morgan: Super excited to read your first article on the site! 

Jordan: Yes I have content coming real soon.

Morgan: This is a deep question but what is a quote that you live by?

Jordan:  I don’t really have a favorite quote, but I do have sayings that I love. One is “Fear God Alone”. Another is “With Joy” and it means that everything you do should be done with joy. Another is “Let my work ethic match my dreams” because I have big dreams and I have to remind myself that I have to work hard to make those dreams come true.

Morgan: This is my final question… Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Jordan: In the next ten years I see myself being happy, joyful, and surrounded by the people I love. In my opinion, if I am those things, then everything else will be alright.

This was Jordan Sampson and this is HerStory!



Jordan Sampson is a freshman at Savannah State University majoring in Global Logistics & International Business. She is a native of Daphne, AL.
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