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Interviewer, Morgan: Hi HerCampus readers! My name is Morgan Croff, I am the writing coordinator of Savannah State University’s chapter of HerCampus. Today I have the great joy of sitting down with the beautiful Akiele Nelson. She is a freshman at SSU and this is her first year in HerCampus Savannah State.

Akiele: Hi! Morgan! I’m excited to be interviewed.

Interviewer,Morgan: Yes! I am too. This is just a interview getting to know you and your story.

Interviewer, Morgan: Lets begin.

Interviewer, Morgan: What is your name and where are you from?

Akiele: My name is Akiele Nelson and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and I was raised In Atlanta Georgia.

Interviewer, Morgan: How did you all move to Atlanta, if you don’t mind me asking?

Akiele: Yeah so, Boston has some of the greatest hospitals and while my mother was in labor with me it was very important that she had me in one of their hospitals to get the best service. As you know as black women, giving birth can be a lot so it was important for her to be in the best care. We then relocated to Atlanta because as you know Boston is a lot more expensive that Atlanta. I have been in Atlanta ever since.

Interviewer, Morgan: Oh ok, I also was raised in Atlanta!

Akiele: Yes, I love Atlanta

Interviewer, Morgan: What do you like the most about Atlanta?

 Akiele: My favorite thing is there is always something to do in Atlanta. There is always people to see and places to visit… A lot of people think that when you go to Atlanta, you have to have a lot of money but this is not true. Even if you do not have a lot of money, you can always do fun things in Atlanta. I like the city vibe and being out so Atlanta is perfect for that.

Interviewer, Morgan: I agree, I like being in a big city. So would you consider yourself a extrovert?

Akiele: Yes! I like going out and being in the city. I like cities like Atlanta, New York and LA. They are cities that never sleep. I would not consider myself a homebody per say. I love being on the scene and Atlanta is perfect for that

Interviewer, Morgan: Period!

Interviewer,Morgan: My next question is, What made you attend Savannah State University?

Akiele: Savannah State was on the list of HBCU’s that I wanted to attend. As you know, HBCU’s are pretty expensive and SSU was affordable… I wanted a new environment and SSU was just that. I also have a lot of relatives who attended SSU so it was just a overall good match. My relatives who attended here loved it. They were active on campus and in Greek life back in the day so yeah. SSU was where I ended up and Im happy.

Morgan: Were you interested in any of the HBCU’s in Atlanta?

Akiele: I got into Clark Atlanta, and I was very interested in Clark Atlanta but it was very close to my house.. Literally like twenty minutes (laughs).  I wanted a new environment and I definitely like being by the beach. I was not really interested in Spelman since it’s a all girl school (laughs). I know Morehouse is right next to it but it was not really for me.  Clark was definitely high on my list. I also applied to Agnes Scott which is an all girls school but I was not really interested in it either. I knew I wanted to attend a HBCU because I went to a school with a lot of white people. It was a lot of subliminal racism and things like that so It was important for me to be at a college where I felt comfortable. Being comfortrable in your own skin is very important to me.

Morgan: Oh wow that’s interesting. The HBCU’s in Atlanta are great but they are pricey. My absolute dream school was Spelman but I was not able to afford it. I am glad you ended up here at SSU!

Akiele: Yes, super expensive and me too!

Morgan: I like how you mentioned that it was important for you to be at a school that you are comfortable with. I think at PWI’s as African-Americans, you might not feel as comfortable or in a family oriented environment as you do at a HBCU.

Akiele; I completely agree! I wanted to be around people who look like me and I’ve always wanted the HBCU experience. Its nice to see other black people being productive and getting a education.

Morgan: What do you like most about SSU?

Akiele: Savannah State is very welcoming and open. Its also very inclusive and family oriented. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. It is very important to be comfortable and SSU is that place. I have met and networked with so many students and staff here already. They are apart of different organizations and stuff. I just feel like it’s a big family here.

Morgan: Yes I always say that’s my favorite aspect. The family vibes

Morgan: My next question is When did you start writing?

Akiele: I started writing in middle school. It was a outlet to get me through my emotions and feelings. I had a diary and notes about things from middle school.Middle school was rough (laughs) but my diary helped me get through what I had gone through daily. I never realized how important it is to hold a pen and just start writing. I have always had so much to say. In middle school especially, I used writing as a way to speak and speak better. Writing has also helped my mental health.

Morgan:How did you find out about HerCampus?

Akiele: Instagram.. You guys had popped up on my social media page. Im not exactly sure how (laughs). I read some articles on the site and I fell in love. I actually wanted to join HerCampus last semester but I waited too late. I heard about WORD but I was more drawn to HerCampus.

Morgan: Yes that’s how most girls find out! That’s so crazy because a lot of girls wanted to join but they did not know how. We received so many applicants this semester so I am glad you were able to join.

Akiele: Yes. Im glad that I am apart

Morgan: My next question is how would your friends or loved ones describe you?

Akiele:I am very expressive… lol I LOVE to talk. I can talk all day (laughs). I love to learn about different things and I love to express how I feel.. People always know when I am in the room (laughs).But not in a bad way or anything! I just enjoy communicating. Im very open minded and I don’t like being closed minded or people who are closed minded. I like trying new things and gaining experience.

Morgan: I like that about you

Morgan: I forgot to ask this earlier but what is your major?

Akiele: Behavioral Analysis and a minor in Mass Communications. I want to pursue a masters in psychology. I want to become a psychologist but still write on the side. I want to attend Xavier University of New Orleans for my graduate studies.It is a HBCU!

Morgan: Wow. That’s amazing. I feel like you would love Xavier. The school is beautiful and its right outside of the city.

Akiele: Yes, I love New Orleans.

Morgan: How do you want people to interpret your content?

Akiele: You need to connect to what I am saying. I want you to remember what you read. Memory is so important to me so I want people to remember what I said and how it made them feel. I want it to help others. I want someone to relate to this. I ask my friends when they read my work, what did they take away from it? In all, I just want my readers to feel my work.

Morgan: This is so important. I know you write majority poetry pieces which I absolutely love.

Morgan: This question might be a little deep (laughs)… What is a quote that you live by?

Akiele: How you do one thing is how you do everything! My grandma says this quote all the time. I used to hate it but I live by it. Consistency is very important. Its very important to perfect what you are doing. If you work on the things you love, you are bound to make them happen.

Morgan: So wise!

Akiele: Yes! I didn’t realize how true the quote was until I became older.

Morgan: Alright this is my final question.. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Akiele: (takes a deep breath) Well I will be 29 years old. I hope to have finished grad school. I want to be working of course. Being successful in my career. I also want to have published my first book… take my business off. Ill have more money in stocks and hopefully Ill be married (laughs). I want to live somewhere in Texas or Atlanta. I want my writing to be out there, and I want people to remember my name. That’s the most important thing to me… I want my name remembered.

Morgan: That was Akiele Nelson and this is Herstory!

Akiele Nelson

Savannah '24

Hello welcome to a place of love, laughter and a little bit of sadness. My name is Akiele Nelson and I'm a sophomore at Savannah State University and I've been writing poetry since middle school. I love to write and hopefully with this platform I will have opportunity to expand my writing.
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