Her Campus Savannah State: The Next Great Thing

Savannah State University
United States

In the beginning, they was three Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Annie Wang, and Windsor Hanger Western. These three women met as Harvard undergraduates while they ran a publication for Harvard’s colligate women. The publication soon became very popular. Therefore, college women across the country were looking to start something like their publication at their own schools.  Annie, Stephanie, and Windsor had the idea to build something similar, but on a national level to serve college women everywhere.This is when they thought of Her Campus. In 2009, they won Harvard's business plan competition with their vision for Her Campus Media.  They’ve built Her Campus Media into the number one media and marketing company for empowering college women. Her Campus Media remains 100% women-owned and women-ran to date, with 10,000+ contributors and 340+ campus chapters nationwide and in ten countries.

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Why Her Campus is important to You?

    Her Campus has become a career launching point for its college journalists. Since joining the Her Campus Team, members have been offered jobs and internships with Glamour, Vogue, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, Seventeen, Marie Claire, People, The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, InStyle, Esquire, O magazine, MTV, &, The Washington Post just to name a few. Her Campus Media is a multi-platform brand that engages and inspires college women wherever they are; online, on social media, at events, and even on their own campus. 

Savannah State Chapter

    The Savannah State University Chapter was launched on Feburary. 28, 2017 by Otissia McKinnon. Otissia is 21-year-old  Social Work major. Her goal for Her Campus is to bring positivity and light to Savannah State. She is also looking forward to bringing women as well as the campus together. Her decision to start Her Campus Savannah State has blossomed into 38+ members, future leaders, outstanding community service opportunities, and spreading empowerment throughout the Savannah State campus. Follow Her Campus Savannah State on all social media. 

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Interview with the Campus Correspondent

HC: Why did you want to bring Her Campus to Savannah State? 

Otissia: There wasn't an organization on campus that was inclusive of all women. Savannah State is an amazing school and should have an organization where woman of all different backgrounds can come together and create something great. 

HC: What is your goal for Her Campus Savannah State? 

Otissia: My overall goal for our chapter is to create a space where women of all different backgrounds can come together & create a bond that will last a lifetime. Having great female relationships is so essential to a great college career and that's what I want to make happen. 

HC: Why is Her Campus important to females who aren’t in Her Campus already? 

Otissia: Her Campus is more than a women's organization we are a sisterhood, we are a family. Our chapter isn't just a place where you can meet new people, develop career skills, and explore your creative abilities, it's a place where you are free to be yourself. 

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Meet the newest Campus Correspondent

Mariah Truitt! Mariah is a sophomore at Savannah State majoring in Mass Communications with a minor in Public Relations and Journalism. Mariah was Ms. Freshman for Savannah State for 2016-2017 school year. She also competed and won Ms. Collegiate 100. As you can tell, Mariah very involved on campus. She believes Her Campus has brought a distinct taste to the campus that revamps the fun of being a female collegiate. You can find more information on both of these great individuals on their social media accounts and https://www.hercampus.com/school/savannah-state

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HC: What is your goal for Her Campus Savannah State? 

Mariah: As the campus correspondent for Her Campus Savannah State. I aspire to carry on the same momentum as our former correspondent did. As well as allowing our girls on campus to to use their talented skills for a positive outlook. Whether it be writing, photographing, mentoring, or anything or that such, I want each woman to know they have a special place on the Her Campus team. We will definitely become the powerhouse women's organization at Savannah State University!

HC: Why is Her Campus important to females who aren’t in Her Campus already? 

Mariah: Her Campus is important to those who have not yet joined the girl squad because the atmosphere of Her Campus (loving, welcoming, supportive, and empowering) is one that cannot be passed by. Working with my peers in this organization prior to becoming the campus correspondent truly gave me insight to what we can accomplish and the GREAT support system along the way. I believe that every girl should have an army standing behind her and with her and that's exactly what Her Campus can offer.