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Now that the semester is over we had a chance to catch up with one of Savannah State University’s most promising collegiates. This week we interviewed Arshon Spaulding Jr. Recently graduated, we wanted to get to know one of Savannah State University most prized possessions! 


1) How would you describe your college experience?

“It was one of a kind. I made my dreams come true. I’d never figure I go to college let alone play football. It was definitely a blessed opportunity”

2) What is your major and why did you choose it?

“At first, my major was mathematics. I didn’t take it seriously and I still needed to play football thus changing it to liberal arts with a concentration in mathematics last spring”

3) As a senior, what do you wish you could have told your freshman self?

“Hmmmmm…. Join organiations and do something different. It would have given me a chance to network”

4) What is your favorite memory as a freshman? As a senior?

“During football season,we playing University of Miami. I didn’t get to play but the whole experience and just being there… the atmosphere was one of a kind”


“Having a daughter. Riley will be 5 months next week.. That’s me, that’s my blood. I didn’t think I’d have a child this early however I’m blessed and happy that I have her because it made me take a new approach to life”

5) What is one tip recommended do freshman males? Females?

“Being that the ratio of male to female is 1:5, these females will be there. At the end of the day get your work done… it’s so easy to get caught up”

6) What are your aspirations now that you have graduated?

“My aspiration is to get to the money legally”

7) How important is football to your life & would you consider doing any other sport?

“Football is very important to me. I’m actually still trying to make that happen. I used to play basketball too though. It was my first love until football took over”

8) If you could change one thing about your collegiate career, what would it be?

“Really, I wouldn’t change anything because it was all just a learning experience…. I took it and ran with it in every situation I came across”

9) How important is a college education? To the African-American community?

“How I look at it, so much is going on now that without a college degree so it’s good then again life still goes on. Being that I got mine I’m blessed. Being the first in the family to see a degree, now finding the right job that fits me. Secondly, I hope to inspire my younger brothers. I’m not from Atlanta but I came here to show them a different path”

“It is very important. We are already stereo typed and so to have that in your pocket, nobody can ever take that away from you… you just have to beat the odds!”


I am a sophomore majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in public relations and journalism at Savannah State University. My aspirations are to move to a big city and become a fashion editor for trending magazines. Aside from the classroom and Her Campus, my interests are fashion and beauty, journalism, and history. With Her Campus at Savannah State University, my aspirations are to revamp women's empowerment and to uplift & showcase the women of our campus!
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