Fab Freshman : Morgan Taylor Croff

Fab Freshman: Morgan Taylor Croff


Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: Thank you for taking the time out of your day to sit down and speak with me.  Since, you became a part of Her Campus  Savannah you have been releasing articles and contributing. 

Morgan: Thank you for the opportunity. I did not know what Her Campus Savannah was but when I searched it, I realized that it had my two favorite things… writing and girl power.

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: Where are you from and why did you decide to attend Savannah State University? 

Morgan: I am from Atlanta, GA. I had never heard about Savannah State University  until I spoke with my highschool principal. He is an alumnus of SSU. He spoke about the school with me, and I researched on it applied and got accepted. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: With you being from Atlanta a lot of people are interested in going to Clark, or Spelman. Where you interested in any of those schools? 

Morgan: My mom is actually an alumna of Spelman College. Spelman was my dream school but very expensive. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: Clark Atlanta was my dream school, and I got accepted, but I agree. The tuition is very expensive. I feel like that is amazing how your mom graduated from Spelman.  With her going to a HBCU is there any tips she gave you on how you too can thrive going to a HBCU? 

Morgan: Absolutely! My mom taught me the balance between being a college student and being active on campus. That was a struggle she seen during, her time of being in school. You are going to want to be active on campus, but it is important to make sure you have that balance with your grades. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore:  I feel like that is so important. That is something that I am struggling with right now being a collegiate student while also being active on campus so, it is important that we find that balance. 

Morgan: I agree. 

Interviewer,  Tho’Mesia  Moore: I know you said you are from Atlanta, and me personally feel like there is a stereotype or misconception about people from Atlanta. What is something you think people automatically assume about people from Atlanta? 

Morgan: A common misconception about people from Atlanta is that all of us are business owners or entrepreneurs. 

Interviewer, Tho’ Mesia Moore: What is one thing you want to change about Atlanta? 

Morgan: I would like to implement more community service and give back to those in need. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: How do you plan on doing that? What is your current major here at Savannah State? 

Morgan: Through working hard, and I am currently an English major, and I want to go to Law school. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore:  How did you link being an English major with going to Law School? 

Morgan: A lot of people who wants to go to Law School think that you have to major in Political Science, or Criminal Justice to go to Law School but when you get to Law School they will teach you everything you need to know. After speaking with many people about going to Law School they informed me that it would be best to major in something that you have a passion for. That will not only set you a part but in my case with me being an English major help me to excel on the LSAT because half of the test is reading, understanding vocabulary, and how to write. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: It is amazing how you know that at such a young age. I am a Social Work major but previously a Political Science major, and I planned on going to law school but did not know until this semester you can major in anything and still pursue law. What was your interest in majoring in English?  What ignited it? And what piece of advice would you give to a writer that helps you?

Morgan: I switched my major before I even got here. I first was going to major in Mass Communications, because I wanted to go into broadcasting journalism. I received an opportunity to intern for CNN  through a summer program, and I fell in love with being on set and learned that everyone role in production is pivotal but now I am an English Major. I have had the passion to write ever since I was a little girl. Writing was my first love and a piece of advice I would give to a writer is once you know how to start your piece keep it going. It is all about having a great beginning and it flows from there. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: That is amazing you was blessed with the opportunity to get that experience early. With you being in college and wanting to continue writing does Her Campus Savannah provide you with the outlet to do so?


Morgan: Yes!!! Of course, I started writing for Her Campus Savannah because it looked visually appealing and it is real. Her Campus Savannah is talking about real issues and it is real people discussing the things they go through.  No one is sugar coating anything. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: That is one of the main reasons I joined. Ever since I was a little girl I wrote. I loved writing, and Her Campus Savannah provided me with that platform to talk about things I have been through and gave me the platform to publish content. I have read all of your articles, and they are amazing! We thank you for choosing to write with us. I know you enjoy writing about self-care but what are some topics that will get you out of your comfort zone? 

Morgan: Talking about love and mistakes will definitely get me outside of my comfort zone. Also, the things that I have done and the mistakes I have made that has shaped me to be the young woman that I am now. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: Love is such a great topic that I love talking about. What is your biggest lesson that you have learned about love? 

Morgan: I have been in one serious relationship. The biggest lesson I learned is that it is not always going to be peaches and cream, patience and communication is a major key. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: That is something that I have to work on. Although I have never been in a relationship when I would talk to guys and the first time an argument would happen I would say okay he is not the one and my sister constantly reminds me “You have to get out of that fairytale mindset” because it is not going to be good times all the time. 

Morgan: I agree because when we would get into an argument, I would say okay so are we breaking up? 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: That is so funny. What is the biggest tip that you would give to someone before they get into a relationship or to someone who has not gotten into a relationship yet and they feel alone because everyone else is getting married or in a relationship? 

Morgan: I would say know yourself, know yourself a lot. Know how much you can take and cannot take… know when things are above you... affirm yourself. To the girl or guy who may be waiting on that special someone I would say be patient. Your time is coming, and God has someone for  you. While you are waiting show, yourself love. Do things that make you happy and do not compare yourself. Someone else’s time is different from yours. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: What advice would you give to the girl in a toxic relationship who loves someone and cannot get out? 

Morgan: I would say if the relationship is hurting you get out. you should try your best. It doesn’t mean that you cannot love that person, but you can love a far. Care about them separately.

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia  Moore: I love and admire your passion for writing. I can tell this is something in your life you take very seriously, and we cannot wait to work with you and see your growth as  a writer but let’s move on to your time here at Savannah State so far… Are you excited for homecoming? And who do you want to see perform?

Morgan: Megan and DaBaby

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: Period pooh! What do you like about Savannah State University so far? And have you been getting outside of your comfort zone since you been here?

Morgan: I love the family vibe I get from being here. Everyone is so welcoming and also, knowing that the staff members cares about you and wants you to be successful. The classroom sizes I love too, because they are not too big, and it allows everyone to get that intimate learning experience. Getting outside of my comfort zone is what I have grew in. I am really quiet but now I am starting to meet new people. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: What motivates you to be here and how do you plan on leaving your mark here at Savannah State? 

Morgan: What motivates me is my family. I am very family oriented, and they have instilled in me I can do anything I put my mind to. I believe I am already making my mark by being a part of Her Campus Savannah and it is a lot of people in my English class who have been reaching out to me for help and how they can be better in class. Of course, I am going to join other organizations and network, but my ultimate goal is just leaving a positive impact and helping people to step in their truth. I feel like a lot of people are afraid to show they have talent in a certain area, because they are scared of what people have to say about them, and I want people to be unapologetically themselves and not care about what anyone has to say about them.  Do not hide your gifts. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: Do you plan on graduating from Savannah State and where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Morgan: Yes, I plan on graduating from here and ten years from now I will be 28, and  Ii want to be working at a law firm in New York City. If not New York then the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. I love the city. Also, being a successful business woman and a great wife. 

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: Do you plan on still continuing your writing even with you working at a Law Firm? 

Morgan: Yes, I will still be writing and producing content. I would also love to start my own non-profit organization that helps young women with their writing and the career aspect.

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: What is one thing you want to leave off with and what can the people here at Savannah State can expect from Morgan Taylor Croff?

Morgan: One quote I live by is failure is inevitable. It is bound to happen even for people who we think are perfect and have it all together. What people can expect from me is my upcoming article which focuses on healing. Everyone can also follow me on Instagram @itsmorgantaylorr and my Twitter @nagrom_

Interviewer, Tho’Mesia Moore: Thank you so much for taking the time and allowing me to interview you. My last question is how would you describe yourself? 

Morgan: I am a quiet storm.  I do not really say too much but when I do it is meaningful.