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Dr. Maya Angelou: A Phenomenal Woman

Today we celebrate on of the most beautiful souls to ever grace this earth: Dr. Maya Angelou. Dr. Angelou has been oe of the most powerful forces behind feminism, especially for black women. She opened herself up and shared her story with women everywhere to let them know the things your going through, I’ve been through them. The pain you’ve felt I’ve overcame. The hurt, the anger, the ugly things you’ve witnessed, so have i, and I have came through on the other side and I am healing and so can you. One of her most powerful tools he used to touch the world was her poetry. She used to connect, to teach, to love, to guide, to educate us on what it means to be a woman and to take your control of your power and who you are as a woman. Below are a few of her many inspiring poems. these are poems we hope you can connect to and inspire you to be the amazing woman she knew and believed you could be. 
















Hi, My name is Otissia McKinnon. I was born and raised in South Georgia and now I currently attend Savannah State University as a Social Work Major. Helping those who are unable to help themselves is my passion and I intend on making it my life's work. I thoroughly enjoy writing, editing, building and branding social media content. My future plans are to build a women's organization that not only empowers the youngest of hearts but encourages girls as they grow older to be the most loving and successful versions of themselves they can be.
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