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Do you ever crave the good but fear the bad?

It’s like you're dragging the thing you love through sharp shards of glass.

My mind, heart and body are connected. 

But we have a dark past that can’t be corrected.

Is it the need for me?

Is it the constant consistency?

Is it my desire to breathe your air wholefully?

I wish I could leave you before you leave me.

Then maybe we can create our own lyrical masterpieces we can keep.

Akiele Nelson

Savannah '24

Currently An undergraduate junior at the University by the Sea, Savannah state studying Middle Grade education & a minor in Behavioral Analysis. I, Akiele Nelson am a poet, writer & romantic. Hopefully you enjoy my content, feel something and maybe relate to my words. They say a poet is first firstly, a person passionately in love with language.
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