Deja Watkins: How A Queen Does It

Deja Watkins, is serving as the 79th Miss Savannah State University. She is very talent young women who has shown others that collegiate women can be superheroes too. Deja is very dedicated to serving the community and serving God. She speaks very humbly on her life and is also very caring of others. Here’s what she had to say in an exclusive interview:


Shauna: What is your major & why did you pick it?

Deja: I am an English major, I picked it because I want to be an English teacher. I will finish pursing my education by getting my masters in secondary education. I have a passion for helping the community and I enjoy learning about the English language.

Shauna: Why did you decide to attend a HBCU?

Deja: I wanted to receive the true meaning of being black and I wanted to gain that HBCU sense of pride. 

Shauna: How important was getting a quality education to you?

Deja: My mother has always taught me that knowledge is power and that without education we would have it harder in the world. 

Shauna: What is your favorite thing about Savannah State?

Deja: The family aspect, I have made so many friends and family. I like the fact that the school is very family oriented. 

Shauna: Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Deja: My parents have motivated me to dream big and reach for the impossible. My parents inspire me to dream big and keep God first. 

Shauna: What are you most proud of accomplishing in your collegiate career?

Deja: I am most proud of pledging and running for Ms. SSU at the same time and accomplishing both. 

Shauna: What memory do you wish you could relive or redo?

Deja: I would go back to my freshman year and try to focus on academics more. 

Shauna: What are 3 things you think incoming freshman should know about Savannah State?

Deja: Remember why you’re at school, get involved on campus and have fun. 

Shauna: What advice can you give incoming freshman women?

Deja: Protect your name and your brand. 

Shauna: Your college career at Savannah State is very impressive. What are two of your most fond memories?

Deja: One would be when I helped coordinate the Ms. Freshman Pageant in 2015, then I won Miss Freshman and the second would be when I met my best friend Darius


Shauna: What lessons did you learn as Ms. Savannah State?

Deja: I’ve learned to stay focused and to push through all obstacles no matter what. 

Shauna: What do you hope to accomplish now that you’ve graduated?

Deja: When I graduate I plan on- going to grad school, becoming a high school English teacher, and getting my PhD in public administration.

Shauna: What do you attribute all your success to?

Deja: God. I owe all my success to God, my parents, my family and my line sisters.