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Dear little black girl,

    Right now you are probably playing with your dolls, wanting to ask mom for ice cream with sugar sprinkles on top. Daydreaming about the future and what could be with the idea that all is well. You are young. Innocent. But hey baby girl, you are a little black girl. And here are some things you should know…

    Take your time and grow up sweetness. Things start to get too real too fast. Don’t be afraid though, keep in mind that when things start to fall apart, they will always get better because you possess a strength that no one else does.  You come from a long line of cocoa brown, honey dipped, sun-kissed smiles that stood tall and conquered all lifetimes. Yes baby, lifetimes. Little do you know, you’ve been here forever.

    You’ll start notice we have variety of complexions. Outsiders will make you believe that you are better if you just so happen to be a bit damn lighter than the next girl and vise versa. Pecan, chocolate, caramel, nutmeg, cinnamon red, remember my little black girl that you are the mother of civilization. Without you, there would be no them. Study your history baby, yes that “old stuff” from way back when. I know what they’re teaching you in class, is not what it was then.

Life will go from realms of innocence, into making no sense in a matter of seconds. Years really.   Unfortunately, you won’t be my little black girl anymore. The world will transform that beautiful naive mind into that of a young lady. With stature appealing to whomever lays eyes upon her. You reign high my love, you come from royalty.  Remember little black girl you mean the world to me.

     Yo little black girl, you stand out! You’re different, you’re striking, you’re supernatural. Amongst your own, you will be torn down. Made to feel like you aren’t pretty enough because your curls are tighter and your lips are fuller. Looked at differently because you might not have the oh so voluptuous, curves or hips and small waist of those on social sites. They’ll compare you to a socialite. Whole time baby, you might turn out to be the model type.

    Hey little black girl. Don’t fret over the things you can’t control. Remember the Universe hears you and your wings are too light to fall. You are the worlds angel. The best gift that could have ever be given. Don’t beat yourself up when you’re taken for granted. Not everybody is your friend and not every man is the one. You’ll experience a pain from others so strong that you think you’re about to pass out and die. It’s a tight clenching in your chest that you’ll get. A heart break is what it’s called. But it’s ok little black girl you will survive. I promise.

    Stand tall baby. Listen and take heed to what I’m saying, for I was once a little black girl too. And I want nothing but the best for you. Teach your lessons to those who appear restless and love everything around you. And most importantly remember this you are special, you are smart, you are Supernatural. You are a little black girl and I can’t wait to see you bloom.



Savannah '20

My name is Alexis Hollins! I am currently a Junior majoring in Mass Communications at Savannah State University. It is my dream to become a master of all aspects of Mass Communications; from Journalism, to being a personality on air! I am expected to graduate in the Spring of 2020 and can't wait to see where life takes me after school. My motto is "Hustle and Heart set you apart". Meaning that your drive and effort will set you apart from the rest of your competition. I believe that everyone should strive to be their ABSOLUTE BEST SELVES! Live out your dreams love, and enjoy!
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