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We are finally seeing increased support for black movements from other ethnic groups and increasingly from white people. This could be seen as the needle finally moving until you take a step back. Yes, White liberals will stand up to the neighborhood Karen, protest for slaughtered Black men and read all the anti-capitalism books in the world. But what are they really willing to lose?

White liberals or progressive are not willing to give up their socio-economic status to equal out the playing field. They would rather have Black Lives Matter signs in their yard which belongs to white middle class suburbia, a white magnet school and neighborhood friendly whole foods down the road.

John Blake, CNN, writes “Black Lives Matter signs are showing up on more White people’s lawns today. But statistics suggest that these lives don’t matter as much if more Black people start sending their children to school with White kids.” The two biggest indicators of equity within races are schools and housing. Schools remain heavily segregated by race and ethnicity due to racist zoning and redlining. This effects how black students see and receive education because funding is not distributed equally. White people are not going to lose their neighborhoods, schools, and whole foods but will socially express their “wokeness” at the drop of a dime. 

White liberals are nothing but watered-down conservatives who apply some educational backing. They do not want to feel too uncomfortable and are not willing to sacrifice their privilege. Until white people want to help dismantle the very systems that they benefit from and rebuild them for equity there is no conversation.

Aniyah Coaxum

Savannah '25

A proud and new member of the Savannah State University chapter of HerCampus. Born and raised in Duval County, Florida.
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