Bobbi Wilson: The Whole Package

Another great interview with another outstanding Tiger. Get ready to get inside the mind of a Savannah State Biology Major! Bobbi Wilson shares her SSU experience and personal mottos with Her Campus’s very own, Leilani Brannon!


Tell me about yourself

I am Bobbi Wilson, junior biology major here at Savannah State pursuing a career in biomedical sciences. I am an Aquarius, my favorite color is red, I love children (Nanny Life), and I dance with the Blaq Silhouettes here on campus. BSDT!!!

Tell me about your research program

My research program took place in Montgomery Alabama, at Alabama State University. The program lasted nine weeks. Within those nine weeks, I completed my first research project “Hydrogel Scaffold Designing for Tissue Engineering”.

How would you describe your college experience?

I love my HBCU! I have been at Savannah State since fall 2015 and even though I’ve had a few rough patches, over all I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything!

Why did you decide to attend Savannah State University?

I always wanted to attend an HBCU for the culture and nurturing faculty. I chose to attend State because I could get what I was looking for in a university within my means.

What motivates you to keep going knowing how hard college can be?

My mom. Each and every school break when I go back to my childhood home and watch how she still has to stretch to keep going when the odds are against her, it gives me the motivation to do and be better for her and my future.

What is your favorite part about college?

My favorite part about college is, honestly, waking up every morning knowing I’m going to see something new that I wouldn’t see if I wasn’t here now.

What is your favorite memory as a freshman?

My 19th birthday! That’s all I’m  going to say lol.

What advice can you give incoming freshman?

You can have fun, BUT know that you came to college to work for your future. Never let anything or anyone steer you away from that mission.

If you could go back and relive or redo any experience in college what would it be?

I would trust my instincts more about going to parties.Who's your biggest inspiration?

My mother.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in college? 

Completing a research internship before my junior year, it is very competitive and I am so proud to have been a part of it.

What is your major & why did you choose it? 

I am a Biology major. I wanted to be a doctor since I was little girl and through research and trial and error I now know that working in Biomedical Science is my passion.

What do you hope to accomplish after graduation?

 Attend an illustrious graduate school for FREE!!

What are your favorite organizations and why?

Blaq Silhouettes, Campus Activities Board (CAB), Residence Hall Association (RHA), Student Orientation leaders (SOLs),  LA Nation, Collegiate 100, and of course Her Campus. These are the organizations that stand out at school and I feel have a great impact on our students.

What are some reasons why you would encourage someone to join Savannah State organizations?

Networking is great to meet someone new! Get out of your comfort zone and live.

How important is being involved on campus to you?

Being an only child, getting involved and making friends is very important to me.

What would you like to see more of on campus?

Cleaning/ cleanups. We have beauty landscaping but our parking lots and residences hall areas have trashy areas.

What organizations are you involved in?

Blaq Silhouettes &Residences Hall Association (RHA)

What is the biggest advice you were given?

Never let them see you sweat!

Do you have a quote or a motto that you live by?

“Your outer beauty will capture the eyes, your inner beauty will capture the heart.”

— Steven Aitchison


Your mind and soul will remain looks, they fade.

In five years where do you see yourself?

I see myself graduating from graduate school & starting my career in the field that I love.