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Alfonzo Berry: Klassified Information

Her Campus has had the wonderful opportunity to interview Alfonzo Berry, a kaptivating Kappa here at Savannah State University. In November 2016, Alfonzo crossed into the Greek life as a Gangsta Gamma Chi. Besides the frat life, he was also involved heavily on campus hosting events, being a former President of the student senate, and was also1 involved in a prestigious male organization named Achievers of Today & Tomorrow all while holding high ranking positions. As a President’s and Dean’s list recipient graduating Cum Laude of Spring 2017, Bronze medallion scholar, and a former Man of the Year… ladies and gentlemen, Alfonzo Berry!


Mariah: What made you choose to be involved in Greek Life here at Savannah State University?

Alfonzo: I was a part of the Kappa League growing up and it taught me a lot of exposure to college and the importance of education. It’s not just about going to class and getting grades… it’s about service, dedication, networking, and the way you carry yourself. Around then Drum Line and Stomp the Yard brought on that HBCU experience I desired. I then knew I wanted to go to one and be great in it.


Mariah: What factors do you consider in choosing Kappa Alpha Psi?

Alfonzo: I felt that it was the one I associated (identity and the way they carry themselves) with the most. I wanted to be a part of an impact. They were all ultimately “pretty boys that are rough around the edges” but still successful. That’s what I wanted to be.


Mariah: What do your letters mean to you?

Alfonzo: My letters mean to me achievement in every field of human endeavor… beyond that, perseverance, the “magic” in teamwork; they represent sacrifice and willing of others to be great


Mariah: How do you juggle Greek Life with education & all other college activities?

Alfonzo: I balance it by which one happens to be the most at that time. It’s not so much of what I need, for example, some classes need more attention than others or when Kappa Alpha Psi needs me as president. There Is a time and place for each but I did it to the point where I went hard at each one when need be.


Mariah: Do you feel you are a changed person since you’ve pledged Kappa Alpha Psi? Why?

Alfonzo: No, I feel like the same person…  I worked hard to be a part of this fraternity and I’m going to continue to do so… this was something on my list and as a Kappa I believe “It’s not how Kappa can change you, it’s about how you can change Kappa”




Mariah: What is one thing you love about Greek life?

Alfonzo: One thing I love about Greek life is that it shows me that whatever people say about African Americans, minorities, and those pressed against “can’t do”, proves them wrong. Also, you as a person can have a social life, impact the community, help others and still represent something that’ll continue to live on.


Mariah: What are the short term benefits of being Greek?

Alfonzo: Some short term benefits would be networking opportunities for whatever area of interests, the wisdom of knowing that people watch everything you do and the way your carry yourself, and the ability to impact a college campus while being enrolled still. After all…

good things always come in threes.


Mariah: What are the long term benefits of being Greek?

Alfonzo: The long terms benefits would include being able to establish a legacy with something to work towards for your family and peers, it lets you have an organization that lets you establish your own part with strong roots, lasting memories, and having an active social life associating with a diverse group of people.


Mariah: What is one thing you would tell an incoming freshman wanting to be Greek?

Alfonzo: It is expected that before you aspire to be Greek to do research, but what I would say is to realize that Greek life has all eyes on them… If you aspire to be one carry yourself alike.

Also, Understand that YOU are joining to play your part in history not live under someone else’s

Make sure that they understand what the organization and its members are about. It’s best to live by their mission and vision because it’s only a matter of time before it does come to you.


Mariah: What would you recommend to an upperclassman wanting to pledge on campus?

Alfonzo: Because you’re trying to join it later in your college career, realize you have a short time to make that impact, so definitely take advantage. However, because you didn’t have great opportunity, definitely find some kind of way to use the organization as an outlet to make a positive impact.


Mariah: What is something for us to expect next semester from your frat and yourself?

Alfonzo: Three things…. achievement, entertainment, and soul snatching

I am a sophomore majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in public relations and journalism at Savannah State University. My aspirations are to move to a big city and become a fashion editor for trending magazines. Aside from the classroom and Her Campus, my interests are fashion and beauty, journalism, and history. With Her Campus at Savannah State University, my aspirations are to revamp women's empowerment and to uplift & showcase the women of our campus!
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