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This time I promise to act as rationally as possible 

For my own sanity… yes indeed  

Strictly for you- wait no 

Correction, myself 


Then you’ll be pleased 

And by then you’ll see 

That I am perfectly sane 

The last one could not comprehend 

Nor understand 

That I was completely sane 

In my words and my antics

Sane enough to know 

When to be dramatic 

How to cause a scene 

And what strikes a nerve 

Honestly and truly 

The last one taught me 

That to fight fire with fire 

Makes for a lit time 

When they yell you yell louder 

They go low you go lower 

Cut deep, you must cut deeper 

And when it’s all over, do it again 

Because you only listened when I yelled 

We only saw eye to eye when we were low 

The deepness only ever got skin deep 

And the only time you showed up was to do it again 

And again 

…and again 

This time I know 

I am perfectly sane 

I comprehend and understand 

Who I am 

I am Mrs. Chaos. 

I have a lot to say, so I put it in writing 🤎
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