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Your Weekly Workout with Sarah and Rachel- Week 7

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving break, and I know everyone is very busy this week.  Rachel designed a quicker cardio workout for the week– so that all of you collegiettes™ can squeeze a workout into your busy schedule!

Have fun!

Day 1
Warm up/stretch
Run/walk 30+ minutes
Cool down/stretch
Day 2
Warm up/stretch
Squats or wall sits – 3 sets of 10
Lunges – 3 sets of 10
Leg circuit: 3x’s through
                        25 calf raises
                        25 fire hydrants
                        25 donkey kicks
Cool down/stretch
Day 3
Warm up/stretch
Hills or bike until you feel confident that you’ve worked hard enough
Cool down/stretch
Day 4
Warm up/stretch
Bench press – 3 sets of 10 with 5 push ups between each set
Circuit –  3 times through           
                        10 overhead tricep extensions
                        10 shoulder raises
                        30 second plank
Cool down/stretch
Day 5
Warm up/stretch
Hills or bike (whichever you didn’t do on Day 3)
Cool down/stretch

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